What’s your background? What inspires you?

According to a man in my comments I am “a fake person employed by a liberal who put a hot girl as the photo” and I love this one, this is my official background from now on and I identify as a fake person employed by a liberal who put a hot girl as the photo. This is my sexual identification as well.

What inspires me most is people. All of them. Smart, dumb, tall, short, fat, slim, funny and lame, people of any color and nationality. People are amazing and amusing. Some people inspire me, some make me reevaluate my life and my ideas. Some people are just nonsense of humanity and I love them for it, they make me smile. I love watching people; this is the best experience you can get every day and literally at any moment. Interactions with different people make your life full and diverse and this is the main point why I started my online communication.

Oh, and my social media experiment is not my job, as some of you may think.

What do you think of proclaimed feminists that say they fight for women but are hell bent on unchecked refugee import?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No idea. Bigotry and lack of education, I guess.

Any chance the Orlando attack changed the hearts/minds of any American liberals?

I really hope so. Now I see more posts by LGBT+ community members in support for 2nd Amendment. People have to protect themselves and I’m really sorry people started to realize and speak out about our right to carry a gun only after such a horrible incident. It would also be great if liberals started to call things what they are. Islamic terrorism is Islamic terrorism. I hope they will get it before another fifty people are dead.


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Happy Birthday, Mr.Trump. Here’s how you could have increased your chances

I received a brilliant letter from my Twitter follower David Smith, ex-lawyer, and I want to share it with you, my friends.

Time For Trump To Learn To Speak Like A Politician

Arguably Trump’s appeal is in part because he is not part of the political establishment and his new frank approach to politics. For Trump and 12 million Americans who voted for him: it is a source of pride. That said, had Trump spoken his rhetoric using the language of a politician he could have avoided much of the media and party criticism. Politicians spend their lives offering their public and private policies in a non-descript language that offends no one. Their language offers only a general indication about where they stand. Below are a few examples of how Trump could have gotten his point across in the language of a politician. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Mr.Trump. Here’s how you could have increased your chances”

Depp vs Heard

Wannabe actress Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s wife – washed away the make up, put on her saddest facial expression and started a lawsuit against her husband.

According to papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, the actress — who is seeking spousal support from estranged husband Johnny Depp — earned a total of $259,876 in 2015 — but after a bevy of expenses, she brought home only $51,461. While Johnny Depp – according to Forbes – earned $30M. And now Heard is seeking $50,000 a month (!) in spousal support. They don’t have children and they were married for 15 months.

dailymail co uk.jpg

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What would you do if you didn’t have to do your current work?

Who would you live with if you were not tied with the person you live with now by daily routine and responsibilities?

Where would you live? What would you eat? What books would you read? Where would you travel?

And how would you look like?

Make a pause and write down the answers.

Stop reading this post, spend 10 minutes and be honest with yourself.


Being honest with yourself is a privilege we all have, but only a few use. Unfortunately. Being honest with yourself is where your personality begins. The personality you deserve to be.

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Do you consider yourself a responsible adult? A conscious citizen? I bet most of people over 18 do. Then why are there so many Trump supporters?

You know what amuses me in them most of all? Not ignorance, not barbarism, not idealization of their demigod, but the fact that they believe him. They believe that he is trustworthy and strong; they believe that he proclaims freedom and the truth. That he stands for people’s rights.

This week Trump agreed to debate with Bernie, supporters of both sides were genuinely excited to watch this and me too. This could have been quite an entertaining event.

I understand why people support Trump, the country is tired of political correctness, liberals are trying to silent free speech. But. Do you really want to see this person, who declined to debate with a 70-year-old socialist, as your commander in chief? As a commander in chief of one of the most powerful countries in the world? The country with its own nuclear weapons.

This person in charge for nukes.


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Are you happy?

The only thing you should value is good deeds and bright memories.

This thought is so easy, although most of you are unable to understand it.

You are collecting stuff that prevent you from being free. You fill your home with unnecessary shit and then you can’t leave it. You are freezing to lifeless THINGS.

You waste tons of money on clothes, which don’t make you happy, trying to impress people, instead of booking a flight to a place you’ve never been to, a place where you’ll receive new emotions, a place where you’ll feel happy and free.

Spend your time and money on something you really love, on deeds that make you a better person. Travel, educate yourself, work out. Life is short, so spend this life in a beautiful and healthy body.


And help other people. Everything is quite good with your life, as you can read this, as you live in the Western world, as you have Internet connection and a gadget to read this. Continue reading “Are you happy?”