I’m offended!

Everyone is offended by everything today

I decided to try to implement an offended-by-everything way of thinking into my mind

I went to a farmers market next to my place to buy vegetables. There was a farmer (white male, damn patriarchy!), he wanted to be nice with me, and complimented my coat. Was it because he thought I’m an empty-head woman and clothes is all ‘m interested in?! I’m offended! Then he told me that it is very easy to cook artichokes. Did he assume that I was going to cook it because I’m a woman and my place is in the kitchen?! Did he say that because he thought I’m a bad cook and can’t cook a complicated dish?! I’m offended! Or maybe he thought I’m fat and this is the reason he offered me artichokes and not potatoes?! I’m offended!

Then my friend texted me and asked how was my gym. Is it because she finds me fat?! I’m offended!

This experiment was soo tiresome, so I decided not to be offended, but to be happy instead. And this is what I wish for all of you


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