Burger King at Its Best

Burger King made a genius move to explain Net Neutrality: anyone not willing to fork over $26 was forced to wait longer for their meals. Customers who refused to pay any surcharges had to wait as long as 15 to 20 minutes.

They filmed customers’ reaction, and you can see it here:

Burger King is urging customers to sign a pro-net neutrality petition on Change.org

There are two companies whose marketing is flawless: Burger King and PornHub. All the rest are amateurs.

3 thoughts on “Burger King at Its Best”

  1. A rather clumsy short term example. Capitalism and competition trumps over-regulation and government overreach. Over time, the $26 premium would drop drastically due to competition. Smaller government is the ideal goal not more bureaucracy.


  2. Net Neutrality for Dummies:
    #Before PinocchioBama: Companies (like Netflix) pay for their bandwidth use. ISP can charge you cheaper rates.
    #After PinocchioBama: Companies (like Netflix) pay flat fee for unlimited bandwidth, which still costs the ISP.

    Since ISP want to recover lost $$$ for Netflix gobbling tons of bandwidth, they raise the rates for all the people.
    Hey, someone has to pay, right?


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