#SchumerShutdown and Russian Bots

New day, new fantastic story about Russian bots.

#SchumerShutdown was Russian bots’ top hashtag, group says

It’s human nature: to find excuses for your faults and blame anyone but yourself, but aren’t you tired of blaming Russian bots for all the US problems?

Senators, journalists, politicians used the hashtag. Liberals used to be Twitter experts not a long time ago and now they accidentally forgot how trending topics work?

According to a bipartisan national security group, #SchumerShutdown was the top trending hashtag promoted by Russian propaganda bots on Twitter as of 10 p.m. Saturday.

But hadn’t Twitter blocked all the bots? Why are there still bots on the Committee’s watchlist?

Seriously, guys, you need to find a more credible target to blame. North Korea maybe?

2 thoughts on “#SchumerShutdown and Russian Bots”

  1. Translation: CNN thinks anyone who is against PinocchioBama = “Russian bot”, despite CNN Van Jones “No Trump/Russia” collusion video.

    CNN is #FakeNews!


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