Shithole Gate

Shithole-gate is still here.

More republicans who attended the meeting deny that Trump used the word: Sanders denied that Trump used that specific term, several senators and Trump aides have said they did not hear him use that word, even Lindsey Graham refused to confirm the info.

The one who says it happened is… mainstream media (yeah, I;m not surprised either). Washington Post claimed it basing the story on ‘anonymous source’, and nobody (except for WP) has ever heard of it.

What a world we live in!

One thought on “Shithole Gate”

  1. MSM terrorists are in full panic mode, madly publishing any anti-Trump lie as the truth, because they are petrified of #Indictments!
    78 times (that we know of) PinocchioBama broke the law during Presidency:
    Try getting them to publish this anti-Obama exposure of PinocchioBama’s crimes, & they will not touch it with a 10 ft pole!


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