This Is Belonging

The British Army yesterday defied critics of its “politically correct” recruitment campaign and released a new set of television advertisements, including one that shows a Muslim soldier praying in front of his comrades.

Entitled ‘Keeping My Faith’, the advert shows a soldier kneeling in prayer by a mountain stream during a combat patrol. The other members of his squad sit waiting on the hillside and turn down a crackling radio so he is not disturbed.

The film, believed to be the first time that an army advertisement has featured a Muslim soldier praying, is part of a £1.6m television, radio and online campaign designed to boost plummeting recruitment numbers.

Meanwhile more British Muslims joined ISIS than the British Army.

The campaign is called ‘This is Belonging’ and it shows several emotional episodes, and they look like a joke. Emotion in the army will kill you and people around you. Army is supposed to project society not to be a social experiment.

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