Happy (belated) New Year!

Everyone around says ‘love yourself’ so often that we became immune to this advice. It almost sounds like ‘cheer up’ and this motivational phrase doesn’t work. We rarely think of our true inner self and what it really means to be yourself. Live your life, listen to your real needs. Know the person who lives inside of your body, accept it with no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

2017 was a really important year for me: I realized that I do not owe anything to anyone. I don’t need to be scared, I don’t need other people’s approval, I don’t care how other people judge me and I don’t judge them. I do not need to keep up with other people’s feeling of ‘norms’. I just wand to live my love in harmony with my real inner self. She is strong and weak, she is genius and dumb. And she is me.

The more you express yourself the smaller your ego becomes, which is amazing!

And I am thankful for those Twitter (and other social media) blocks and ‘revelations’. They are still 100% bullshit, but it made me stronger and smarter.

Thank you, 2017. You were weird and fun (especially on the internet), and I hope 2018 will be much better and it will bring us new better news.

Happy New Year, my friends! Love yourself and grow stronger!


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