What’s wrong with America

Former President Barack Obama edged out his successor as the man most admired by Americans, according to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday. And Hillary Clinton ranked as the most admired woman.

This is what’s wrong with America. We choose the wrong idols judging only by our emotions, but not the facts. Nobody likes the ugly truth, but sometimes you just need to switch to critical thinking and start making conclusions based on your brain, but not your heart.

The truth will bring us to a better and brighter future, guys.


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with America”

  1. Hi Jenna! I couldn’t agree more! Personally I am a very very emotional person. And my sister keeps reminding me the fact that sometimes you have to think critically and from brain and not heart.

    And when I do that, I feel like a clouds are going away and clearing the sky… that’s how I feel…

    Because of Obama’s bad immigration policy, today my sisters didn’t get a visa even though they both had the skill and were QUALIFIED. We don’t have any family in USA who can sponsor us and family visas have been a priority.

    Which is why there are uncles and aunts and so many relatives of relatives in America as citizens within few years.

    While single women like me and my sisters are struggling and stuck in 15 year immigration grid lock to even get a green card.

    Where are my emotions and love for me?? Where are feelings for people like me in Democrats? No where.. not even my own friends!!! For them Obama is god!! Ugh! 😑

    When are you coming back to Twitter???

    Take care, best Smrita

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