House wives are outlawed!

Cooking, cleaning mums will be banned in advertisements across the UK from next year, following a study which claimed traditional gender roles are “harmful and outdated”.

The decision to tighten regulation was announced by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) this week, after a report published in summer identified gender stereotypes in adverts as a driver of inequality between men and women.

But isn’t this move discriminatory itself? I love the house wife lifestyle, being a heart of your family, what is wrong with it? Nothing. Just like there is nothing wrong with women being engineers.

But please, do not discriminate against women who want to be stay at home moms!

All the women in my family are ‘strong independent women’: my grandmothers are a construction engineer and a doctor, my mom is a professor, my aunt is an engineer. Which is amazing. I asked them whether they feel any discrimination against them in advertising or from their male colleagues, and the answer from all of them was ‘no’.

Soo, don’t people just make these things up?

The tendency this ban shows is not good, as governments normally try to attract more women to the workforce when the country is either in a state of war or when the economy is drowning 🤔


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