Price for multiculturalism

Thousands of Muslims worldwide have demonstrated against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Furious protesters have joined rallies across the globe after terror group Hamas called for a “day of rage” in response to the President’s announcement. Protesters chanting “Allahu akbar,” and anti-Semitic slurs marched the streets and burned flags.

Below are photos of the Berlin’s Muslim march. Berlin, capital of the country where Hitler ruled less than a hundred years ago. The country where Holocaust happened, and 17 million Jews died.

But Frau Merkel has her own plan and her new masters: immigrants.

Apparently, this fresh guilt had replaced that old-fashioned guilt for Holocaust.

This is the new Europe, this is multiculturalism!




One thought on “Price for multiculturalism”

  1. Multiculturalism, i am chezch, soviet, british, & native american, but my mind is far east, mostly Vietnamese in the mountians of Ha Giang, i believe in the Christ, but i follow the Buddha and am somewhat Druidic, i dislike cities & walls & love the jungles & trees. All life is sacred, but i am fully trained in weapons, a Tae Kwon Do black belt, i am a weapon, & yet would watch the butterflies perform thier waltz of life above the garden. i am very old. Multiculturalism has been here forever, trump is a sad and stupid person and more blood and body parts will fertilize the rice fields of earth than need be. from beginning to end to begin again is the circle of life on earth, multiculturalism is earth istelf and can not be unmade. Multiculturalism is but the beginnings of new cultures and the circle fullfills itself.


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