You will not silence me!

This is just ridiculous!

My Tumblr account was suspended today. I have never even posted anything there, it was not associated with my email address which was suspended by google. I just used the account to read content posted by platform’s users and for inspiration. What the hell?!

And I only have two questions:

  1. Why did this happen today?
  2. When will this witch hunt end?

But I still have my Telegram channel and this blog on WordPress. Not much, but I still have these sources to speak out my mind, and I always will do it. I may be blocked on every platform, by I will do everything to get my opinion heard!


3 thoughts on “You will not silence me!”

  1. reckon you might stir the witches cauldron, throw some molecules together and wear a sandwich sign posted front & back, told ya they’re back trailin’ you, when you get out they get in, spotted it but i don’t dare follow it, i looked for you on tumblr b4 and found nothing, they know about wordpress tho, i have seen mention posted on twitter but WP is honest and believes in free speech, the ghost i spotted could be a gov’t or even wiki, i kno of only a few that could create that ghost but they’re busy … luck to you.


  2. hey … even has a post out on you, i also found a couple of posts about you on tumblr, the trail is becoming like tracks in the snow … oh and the way you wrote your title to this “You will not silent me” kinda indicates geographical location.
    silent should be silence, “You will not silence me” humans are strange creatures Trolls are part human, i have been told i am mostly human and that scares me … maybe someday you talk to me … curiousity … i need a starship part 🙂


  3. Have you thought about getting a mic and starting a podcast? Or reaching out to a conservative Youtuber for an interview? It would help your case a lot and the media might stop calling you a Russian troll.


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