Outrageous Twitter actions!

Guess what happened today

My Twitter account got suspended. For the third time (hi, Donie).

And here’s the thing: I did not violate Twitter policy (ever). I did not post any divisive content, I did not massfollow accounts, I did not violate any other rule. So why the suspension, Twitter?! It was even mentioned in my bio that I am an imaginary personality.

Twitter suspended the new account shortly after CNN asked the company about it. Asked why it had suspended the account now, a spokesperson said the company does not comment on individual accounts.

But how am I different from Spongebob? He does have an account, it is not suspended and is even verified. What is the difference between me and Spongebob? We both are imaginary characters, we both Tweet stuff.


Actually my “fan account” (which actually does post offensive stuff) is live. But I am not.

I would really, really want to know how my tweets (which are mostly about myself) violate twitter policy.

But unfortunately they do not give me an answer.

In other news: there will be a lecture about me in Lafayette College tomorrow. I am so sorry I cannot attend it. I contacted the speaker, but unfortunately this is all I got:


3 thoughts on “Outrageous Twitter actions!”

  1. sigh … so many things stem from honest abe’s emancipation proclamation that did nothing except let people hear what they wanted to hear without actually stating anything that wasn’t already fact … in short … it’s thier monkey and probably they think it will be better for business if you bitch about it, that way on one side people say yipee they’re on our side and tweet about it and on the other side they tweet more bitching about it, more people join both sides and see more paying ads and pay more to promote thier sides tweets … isn’t capitalism wonderful 🙂


    1. Translation:
      #1: You believe censoring conservatives = good.
      #2: You believe Twitter is doing nothing wrong with promoting terrorists of the liberal left.
      Is this a correct assumption?


  2. Translation: Look for Twitter to ramp up their abuse of pro Trump Twitter users, by falsely flagging them as “Russian Bots” in order to unite the radicalized liberal lefty terrorists against them.

    What is Twitter petrified of, & why are they doing this?


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