Russians! Are they?

Quotes from the article on wired on my (and some other bloggers’) presence on Medium: The posts from the Russian accounts are generally well written and are in coherent, although not perfect, English. “It is evident from all of the posts that they have not been written by a native English speaker,” Hutchings says. “The English is very good and vernacular, suggesting that these people either live in, or have lived in, the US or another Western country”. […] “There are grammar mistakes but not what I have seen with others from Russia,” Sastry says.

Well… Why don’t you you even try to consider the idea that the mentioned bloggers are… ugh… NOT RUSSIAN? And are not from Russia. And are not even connected to Russia. But yeah, you got too deep into this Russian story, keep on speculating on it


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One thought on “Russians! Are they?”

  1. insider trading always has a little help … payment in rubles is not something putin would do, same with grammatical errors, guess where our billion dollar con artist is. 💰🏆


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