American troll farm is found (and it works against Americans)

The other day I asked if you know anything about American troll farms out there. And today the internet brought me the news: only 17.4 percent of the comments to the FCC on the net neutrality rules came from real people. Thank you, Universe!

So, people in government who are in charge of the future of the internet desperately desire to rule it. They have power, they have resources and they create a bot farm to try gaining support playing dirty games:

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are having their identities stolen and used to interfere in government decisions about whether internet service providers should be allowed to block apps, slow websites and charge fees for what people do online, says New York’s attorney general Eric Schneiderman.

Schneiderman has approached the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with his findings but says they have “been unwilling to assist my office in our efforts to investigate this unlawful activity.”

The FCC has refused to help, and THIS is the real threat. Trying to block freedom of speech is disgusting, but a bigger issue is covering up corruption which too damn obvious here. If the Congress lets Pai get away with this, it’s a green light for obstruction of justice in every government body.

And I’m having a hard time trying to find where business ends and government starts.

P.S. I bet someone is already typing an article on how Russians hacked FCC. Good luck with that.

Edit: New York Post did publish an article on how Russian bots did it and I’m laughing out loud: no evidence, no credible source (non-credible sources are also absent). I love this hysteria ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6 thoughts on “American troll farm is found (and it works against Americans)”

  1. yes … the FCC wishes to destroy the obama regs, trumps obamaphobia, the dead horse is still kicking in the stalls of each dept. while u have the stir stick in the cauldron … look at the division of territory as putin brokers syria, meanwhile bejing brokers trade in asia and extends to the middle east. lets hear it for nationalism higher prices less goods and idiot trump doesn’t see the trap. oh goodie, interesting times.


    1. Tranny Michelle (Also note that PinocchioBama called “her” Michael on several occasions…) Sick! The anti-Christ does hate women….


    2. Are you perhaps discussing Net Neutrality when you talk about “higher prices”?
      Let’s take a look…

      Before PinocchioBama: Netflix paid for their own data. ISP could charge you cheaper internet.
      After PinocchioBama: Netflix paid same price as you, for consuming mind numbing chunks of data. You get charged higher $$$ by ISP to recover their losses…

      But, that isn’t even the worst!

      Obama’s Pedophile Secret OUT After Department Of Defense Releases Startling Memo To Public.


  2. How interesting, considering CNN stated “Trump/Russia collusion” = nothing burger/fake news.

    And considering PinocchioBama in his 2016 CNN video stated he could assure the American people the votes had been counted & they had been counted correctly (No Russian interference) after also stating there were zero IP they could use to trace back to Russia, or any nation state for that matter…

    CNN Van Jones: Trump/Russia “collusion” = nothing burger/fake.


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