Being cool: Who does it better?

The Mainstream Media never ceases to amuse. The informational standoff against the President, neglecting facts in favor of promoting far-left ideals, ignoring particular criminals’ backgrounds to avoid stereotyping minorities, threatening private citizens to publish their identities… I could go on till Saudi Arabia legalizes same sex marriages but I think you get the idea: the list of idiotic tricks performed by so called “independent journalists” is incredibly huge. The most recent one is making national news out of Vladimir Putin’s vacation. Really? Slow day in the office I guess. It’s funny how they switched the gears and stopped calling him out for every single evil thing he ever did, toned down their voices and started acting like Putin’s Instagram.

Well, if the MSM thinks it’s a good idea to tell the Americans how Putin likes his fish caught I will make my own contribution. Some people compared Trump’s and Putin’s vacations and it gave me an idea for this post. Someone might say this post is BS and you’re absolutely right but I’m just being an independent journalist here, OK?

First of all, the traditional shirtless pics of Putin were on the menu. I don’t think we’d match on Tinder with Vladimir but he still looks pretty fit for a man in his 60s. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any recent shirtless pics of Trump, he doesn’t do topless photos. Probably because of germs, I don’t know. So when it comes to activities like tourism, sports and everything else that requires energy we get something like golfing vs. fishing. I guess I don’t have to say much:

Shape 2

Shape 1

Yep, someone needs to burn calories not deposit them. I’m not fat-shaming our president, I just state an obvious fact. Big bellies aren’t cool. That, of course, is only if you haven’t overcome all of your cholesterol-related issues and became self-confidant no matter what they say. Everyone is beautiful! So, maybe confidence is Trump’s trump card? As a former KGB Putin definitely knows some killing moves, besides his love for martial arts is well-known around the globe. But Trump has a trick of his own very few people seem to have survived without becoming a completely different person for the rest of their days.

Kill moves1


Yeah, the deadly Trump-style handshake! I guess that’ll do for the Donald.

Finally let’s get to hydrotherapy. Besides posting bare-chest pictures on the Internet (correct, just on the Internet as they get everywhere anyway) Russian president likes swimming. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of Donald Trump swimming and I had to break into the White House to steal his family album. (TBH, looks a little like Photoshop to me).


Swimming 2

I guess that’s it for today. And to those of you who’s about to ask me what the hell it was all about here’s my point. This is what happens when journalists pursue ratings and pay little attention to what they actually doing. That is how the NYT came to promote tourism in Russia for example.


I hope you enjoyed this one. What is your opinion on this? Should our Media provide more fishy reports about Putin?

4 thoughts on “Being cool: Who does it better?”

  1. How does it feel to be outed as a non-existent creation of a Russian troll-farm to interfere with our Democracy? Or right, it doesn’t feel like anything, because you aren’t actually an American woman, you’re a paid Russian Troll. Good job all you idiots for following this Russian enemy of the state down the Primrose path.


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