Erotization of the unwanted

New Zealand’s lingerie brand Lonely has a new ad campaign featuring a 57-year-old ‘model’. Frustrating name for a clothing brand, but the choice of the model is even more frustrating.

Reaction of sexually substandard audience to the granny in underwear was predictable: “What an awesome body she has!”

How awesome is it? Well… Three-day steak in laces ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But what keeps on amusing me is marketing strategies. Women 30–60 is the biggest and most payable consumer group out there. But selling sexy laces to grandmas is simply inhumane.

But nobody has ever called capitalism (while I love it wholeheartedly) humane. Brands need new consumers and marketers do their best to expand distribution channels and they succeed.

College girls are far less solvent, and a woman in her fifties is a much more desirable target than a 20-year-old girl. But unfortunately, when we speak about bodies, the desire works other way round.

College girls in cotton Mickey Mouse hipster panties are desired, grandmas is laces, sorry, are not. This is a natural law and we can not do anything with it.

And this is and has always been fine, as long as grannies claimed to be the main aim of men’s attention and their wet dreams.

But it is 2017 and the marketers are unappeasable. They are brainwashing older women indoctrinating the simple idea: You are fuckable.

This is a cruel idea. You won’t eat a rotten fish even from a fancy dish.

Just like mentally and sexually healthy men would prefer a young and fit girl to an old lady, even when she is packed in sexy lingerie.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally support women wearing nice underwear instead of old faded granny panties regardless of their age. But placing photos of old ladies in stockings and thongs is beyond good and evil.

It is plain and very cruel cynicism: making profits on despair of the undesired.


17 thoughts on “Erotization of the unwanted”

  1. I love your writing style, you’re very talented… However I disagree with your point of view.
    Granny in sexy lingerie is empowering… I think it’s just that you’re too young to know.
    Or maybe I’m too old to understand.
    We can just agree to disagree.
    Either way… I’m glad you’re writing! I hope you keep it up!

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  2. Enjoyed ur posts & now folow. However as sexy Gramma must disagree. If u feel hot u r hot. Wld like 2 have body of younger woman but don’t. Still can drive men wild. Just not as often. Wld b nice if models didn’t look like having gas attack tho. 😂 Smiles can b sexy! Keep up good work 👍

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  3. Still, not as bad as infants in lingerie. In my humble opinion, the 30’s age range is the most sexually appealing for women. A age group being eroticized to far below or above the age of 35 is kinky.


  4. I feel young and until I look into the mirror I don’t have brown hair but white . Feel young think young dress young and don’t forget to laugh at yourself

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  5. While your body is sure to change and not for the better, I really do hope that when you get to the granny age yourself, you still think of yourself as fuckable. Attitude always makes you more so.


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