Dear @voguemagazine

Vogue magazine released a new March cover. Take a look:


And this is amazing. On the one hand, they included really different women. Icons, who are forming the idea that beauty comes in different forms, but on the other hand, they did not lose their dignity and status of a respected and, honestly, a #1 fashion magazine by adding morbidly obese and unattractive women, because this is fashion, after all. And people seem to forget that fashion is created to sale.

While all these women are supermodels, they all come from different backgrounds and they all are making real actions towards representation and equality in fashion business, which is awesome.

But people (un)surprisingly got butthurt




So I made a cover for Vogue April.


This is a photo of all women on Earth. They all are totally naked to celebrate natural beauty.

Dear Vogue editors, you can use my idea, email me on payment details.

Sincerely yours,

Jenna The Tolerant

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