#AskJennaAbrams Vol.4

If you was or are great at mathematics what career would you choose to make as much money as possible?

I’d recommend you big data analytics or programming. I am great at mathematics, actually 😏


on the internet, how many SJWs do you face on a daily basis?

Way too many. It’s pretty entertaining, to be fair, and I never even mute them (but that’s because I’m an adult).

Do americans care how negative effects of climate change affect developing & small nations?

Haven’t you heard? There’s no world besides America

Will Trump improve things in the Middle East? (This question dates back to 17 Dec)

You can not improve someone without their willingness to be improved, unfortunately

Michelle Obama flew Air Force One to help foreign Muslim girls (instead of American girls.) How much did it cost?

Her still small voice

If Kim Jonf Un nukes South Korea, will America manufacture TVs again?


now that O’s just a bad memory, you gon change your profile headline artwork?

I guess I’ll wait a little

What music do you listen to?

I’m terrible at picking music and my friends never let me. I’d describe it as a mixture of Marilyn Manson, Die Antwoord, Electric Six and Spice Girls

Did you ever go university? If so what did you study? & how did you find it?

I have already answered it here

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