Brothers Against Brothers, 2017 Edition

Nowadays our nation is so divided, it can be compared to the times of The Civil War. People hate Obama, people fear Trump, people argue over Hillary and whether the Trump’s win was legitimate (spoiler: it was). The situation is atrocious: Americans are insulting each other both online and offline, physically abuse each other, and to be fair, both ‘sides’ act equally disgraceful. And almost no one is exempt from this divisiveness.


And the worst part is the division of long lasting friendships and even families.

This week I asked my followers to share their stories on the topic. I got several letters and authors’ permissions to share their stories with you.

My best friend going back from middle school does not talk to me anymore after finding out I didn’t vote for Clinton. She is a Muslim who comes from an affluent family of doctors. She told me on election night that she’s terrified she was going to be deported to Morocco (even though her family are US citizens). She also told me I was a racist for voting for Trump and that I should kill my self. Extremely hurtful and irrational. This was my absolute best friend since I was 12! I thought maybe she was just being irrational from the shock of Trump winning so I let her rant without arguing her but she still hasn’t spoken to me since and has told all our other friends to stop talking to me as well. —@deplorableNYer

I lost one friend of mine who was also my client. He had bought paintings from me last to last year. (Besides being a designer, I am also an artist)
He stopped following me on my social media websites, stopped responding to my comments and questions on the posts and I don’t know if he threw the works of art done by me out the door from his house or not.
I still follow all my liberal friends. I have (20 years old) freelancers who work in my company and are staunch supporters of Bernie Sanders (whom I dislike the most)
On the morning of November 9th, I was SO SCARED to post my congratulations to Donald Trump. I actually apologized in the post because I knew I will upset some folks. But I never knew that people will take it to such an extent. The way things were going on in USA, I really felt I need to raise my voice.
I am not a citizen of America. I am an Indian. I came to USA LEGALLY to study and have now set up my own business, art gallery, I write books, participate in art exhibitions, and I am trying to establish name and recognition in this country, something that I didn’t receive in my own country.
I wish I could tell people how thankful they should be of USA and the rights that they already have.
When Obama was elected my sister and I, were super sad, annoyed and disappointed. I clearly remember my sister’s beautiful words of wisdom, that this is what democracy is. Majority wins and there is nothing we can do about it. We have to keep doing what we do, excel at our jobs, polish our skills and wait for the next election and hope that whoever comes to the power does good for the country and its people.
politics is NOT a big mess. I believe that every problem comes with a solution, we just to find the right one.
I can go on and on, on this.. — Smrita Jain @aquariogroup

I gotta be quick because I am at work but I wanted to respond to your tweet and let you know that my only sister and I are no longer speaking because of this election. This means I no longer see or speak to her, my brother-in-law, and my nephews. I have cried and prayed about this so much. We have always been different and accepted that but still had so much in common like motherhood, crafts, music and much more (like most sisters).

We were speaking during the months leading up to elections, she was encouraging everyone she knows to get out and vote. However, once Trump was declared the winner she became a different person. I believe she thought Hillary was the winner in October. She unfriended my children on Facebook right away and posted that anyone who voted for Trump was not a friend of hers and to get out of her life. She still ignores me and we no longer have a relationship. I am 40 and she is 36. We are both mothers and wives. This is so sad for all involved. First year ever we didn’t spend Christmas or Thanksgiving together. This really hurts me and weighs on me daily, which is the reason I am sharing. Im not sure why you wanted to know but this ways heavy on me. I look forward to any advice I can get or to hear other’s stories, maybe even find another “sister” going through the  same thing. I pray someday that we can reunite. We must stop dividing love! — Shelly Wilson

My mother and I have been going over the relationship death tolls post 11/8.
My sister in law (Trump hater) wont talk with her mother, mother’s boyfriend, or brother any longer and has devolved into quite the SJW. It ruined their thanksgiving.
My sister in laws best friends parents got a divorce over the election. It was the straw that broke the camels back for that one, but no turning back apparently.
The funny thing is that their all Liberals. And ironically the least diverse people I’ve ever met. Yet their “sooo tolerant” and “loooove diversity.” But they have no diversity among their friends except perhaps a gay person.
 I’m a police officer and have been telling “war” stories to my brother and sister in law for 14 years. You’d think that my never ending stories of deplorable, illicit, and irresponsible behavior from the hundreds of folks ive arrested would be a port hole into “real” life. Nope. MSM and their crunchy life in Wholefoods has served as their truth, despite my job that peddles in FACTS. I am a horrible racist that keeps minorities down through enforcement of law… in their eyes.
My sister in law was a proud attendee of the womans march. She purports that the calendar will roll back 100 years. Her homemade sign was spurned by President Trump’s pussy comments and not fighting for worldwide women’s rights. So therefore her purpose for the march was primarily to show disdain for President Trump.
I have nothing against her or my brother because of their political views and never have. I am an adult and am capable of separating the people from the politics. I made it clear my dislike of Obama and his policies, but i maintained a relationship with them over the past 8 years. However, I wont be reaching out to them anytime soon because the mental anguish of another Trump Train passenger may send them into mental health treatment, and I’m not going to subsidize their coloring books and play dough. — Joseph Cohan @732738sqirrel
I received only letters from Trump supporters, as this is who my followers mostly are, but I can not blame ‘liberals’ for that, because I know this works both ways.
But my question is: is politics really so important, that people can cut their long-living ties with their closest people?
I’ve always thought that people with 3-digit IQs can handle different opinions.
Is it really worth it?
And aren’t WE dividing US?
And, what’s more important: is there right and wrong?


3 thoughts on “Brothers Against Brothers, 2017 Edition”

  1. read Timothy in the bible, of how he will know the time near the end as we know it, a perfect description of mr trump and the times ahead of us … everything is going according to the book … the world will change and we will start over and i will not kneel to worship human or god but rather i would friend both, god and his creation


  2. Very well said. I have in-laws in Seattle and they could see nothing but Hillary madness. You could not even have a reasonable conversation and now I certainly wouldn’t mention it because Dems have gone batshit since losing. The violence is kinda terrifying. If Hillary had won (God forbid), I don’t believe for a minute that Reps would have been in the street burning things and destroying public property.


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