Beauty Queen in Hijab

Halima Aden, 19, is the first contestant to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.


To be fair, I’m OK with hijabs if wearing it is a free will of a woman, which is questionable, but whatever. What I am not OK with is a girl wearing traditional Muslim clothes at a beauty pageant. What’s more, I am not OK with a girl wearing a giant Christian cross on her chest or any other religious symbol and dress. There is simply no place for religious symbols at beauty contests.

If you are religious you just do not belong there. If you are religious, follow the rules of your faith. I doubt that religions that encourage catwalking and showing yourself off even exist, and Islam is the last religion to let women be seen and promote their sexuality.


Faith is not about that. Faith is about modesty and humility. Both Islam and Christianity foster modesty which does not include excessive makeup and showing your body off to the jury. And it does not matter whether this body is covered with burkini or bikini.


What I oppose is mixing secular with religious. Being a beauty pageant contestant in hijab does not promote the religion or empower women of this faith, but it does degrade the religion itself.

And also it is overwhelming hypocrisy of the contestant. You want to live in a secular society and taking all the advantages it provides, including beauty pageants, but also you want to be seen as a decent Muslim in the sight of your coreligionists. Sorry, girl, you can not have your cake and eat it too.

What do you think about integration of religion into secular world? Do symbols of religion have a place in entertainment?

2 thoughts on “Beauty Queen in Hijab”

  1. Do you understand that most of these migrant who come to “secular” society do not go there because they want to but because they have to? Have you ever studied colonialism and its conséquences? As for the beauty contest, if a girl went with a cross at the beauty contest, most people would shrug. So why not a hijab? After all it is only a piece of clothes. Yes it has religious meaning but at the end of the day it is just that clothes. Are you muslim or rather have you ever tried to understand the issues faced by muslim women? From your post, I can deduce that you haven’t. In a sense, this girl wearing a hijab at this beauty pageant does not give TRUE emporwement to the religion or even muslim women. But her presence can make muslim women feel a little more valued and understood in this world. And it certainly not degrade the religion. Furthermore, wearing make-up and wearing “sexy” clothes (the clothes worn by the girl on the picture are not what I would call sexy) does not mean that someone is not modest or has no self-respect. It could simply mean that one is careful of one appearance perhaps out of conceit or perhaps because they enjoy the process. One last thing, religion is about Learning faith and to treat people with respect, humility and decency. In what way did this girl go against this? Please, you seem well-meaning but if you want to comment on cultural and social issue, at least make the effort to study and understand this culture and this society. I’ve read other of your post, and it seems to me that you live in a bubble. You ARE white and a women. There are things that people from other ethnic background will have experienced that you won’t have. There are pain and suffering that they have that you won’t have. I’m not blaming you for this. However, what I find intriguing and saddening especially for someone who seem to want to spread good is your refusal to try to emphatize with people that are not like you.


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