Unrealistic Hollywood standards

I’ve watched Bridget Jones’s Baby recently and, damn, this is so embarrassing.

Plot: Bridget is 43, she looks old, tired, flabby and the state of her face gives us a hint that she must be a heavy-drinker.


Can you imagine that? Of course you can, we see women like that every day.

And now imagine that after an accidental one night stand a handsome, nice, witty, successful 40-year-old billionaire starts chasing her. Can you imagine this happening in reality?


No. Never. Successful billionaires do not fuck oldish weird boozer. Let me repeat this, NEVER.

And now imagine a prosperous lawyer married to a pretty slender woman in her thirties, and he also wants to have sex with that old flabby woman because he used to live with her once and of course he still needs that alky. Why did he marry that attractive woman? Who knows…

Can this happen in this Universe? NO.

But you can see occurrences like that all over the movies targeted at old, tired, flabby, frustrated women. Their chubby and unattractive bodies are presented as a gift there. Gift which sexy billionaires crave.

Then Bridget gets pregnant (from the first try at 43, impressive fertility), but she doesn’t know who the father is: a talented and successful businessman or a brilliant lawyer. She tells them both about the situation and they gladly accept it. They are passive-aggressively share duties, because they both want to spend as much time as possible with Bridget and visit prenatal courses together with the old pregnant weirdo.


In the finale Bridget marries the lawyer and then celebrates their wedding holding her son in one hand and glass of wine in the other hand. (Wine is her best buddy through the whole movie, by the way).

Hollywood indeed creates unrealistic standards to make profit from you. But I’m not talking about body image, what I am talking about is the inadequacy of frustrated women 35+ who believe that “If Bridget can get her Mr.Darcy back, so can I”.


No, you can’t. Sorry. It’s not inspiring, it’s misleading.

One thought on “Unrealistic Hollywood standards”

  1. Oh come now, of course it’s nonsense—just like the movies featuring decidedly unattractive men scoring the babe. It’s just entertainment and escapism, which is perfectly fine. Who would pay to go to a movie featuring the same dreariness we all live in real life?


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