Unrealistic Hollywood standards

I’ve watched Bridget Jones’s Baby recently and, damn, this is so embarrassing.

Plot: Bridget is 43, she looks old, tired, flabby and the state of her face gives us a hint that she must be a heavy-drinker.


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Madam President #ElectionDay #myvote2016

Year 2017, some time after January 20 has passed and President Clinton makes her first very own laws:

  1. Hillary Clinton is found guilty in all charges, but she pardons herself under “But what difference does it make” law

  2. All frogs are banned and have to be exterminated (which will further lead to the destroy of the whole human kind by mosquitoes) and mentioning word ‘Pepe’ will lead to life sentence
  3. All the male members of Congress are replaced by females according to the ‘Mansplaining Law’
  4. Everyone was wondering how we gonna call Bill Clinton. In solidarity with all the victims of patriarchy he will be officially called ‘First Daddy’
  5. There will be a bunch of feminist law, one of which includes a release of an ‘all female cast’ reboots of classics every 3 months
  6. CNN will be declared the state media (remember 1984?) and it will only air programs praising Hillary and all the other news outlets will be banned

  7. State censorship is allowed and encouraged under ‘No one is offended’ law, also the Internet is limited
  8. ‘Stronger Together’ becomes the official greeting and these words are also included in the National Anthem
  9. Pantsuits become the official uniform for all girls and women and skirt suits for all boys and men in revenge for centuries of unfair treatment of women

    Is this the future you want for your country?

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