Do not #DraftOurDaughters

Today we can witness probably the best anti-Hillary social media campaign. Trump supporters on /pol/ started it and even made a full instruction how to successfully make pseudo Hillary posters specifying the fonts and colors *saves for the future*


I feel nothing but admiration for this flawlessly held campaign, the outrage is really uuuuge:

While this campaign shows exactly why I love social media, it really scares me that those posters can convince people that they are real. This could be a textbook example of Poe’s Law in action.

I even I took it on trust at first, the funniest one was with Katy Perry’s photo

Amazing, how crazy this world/year/election cycle is, that you can easily fall for this (to be fair) bullshit.

While the news is partly true, Hillary really said that she supports women registering for the draft, the info that made the news was probable war with Russia in general and Putin in particular.


Fucking amazing.

The best social media campaign. *applause*

2 thoughts on “Do not #DraftOurDaughters”

  1. Do you know what scares me most? That this ads are really close to the truth and we might as well see them a few month later officially posted by HRC. So I think that /pol/ just painted the missing details in this puzzle. Anyway, they did a good job.


    1. The reason we could not win the war in Vietnam is because anyone in the north that could fight, did fight, including women and children, and we could not understand them doing that unless they were forced , but they were not. Hillary may start a war by trying to not start one. Our enemies push against any weakness. Donald Trump may start a war by pushing against any weakness that we percieve to be displayed by our enemies … Hey ! at least here in America we get to choose real or plastic up our butts.


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