The ugly truth about #debates

Current presidential race might be the most entertaining in history, balancing somewhere between the best reality show and shameful national embarrassment. But people have always been attracted to aesthetics of ugliness  and you just can’t turn your back on it.


One of the most entertaining parts of the reality show is the debates, but they are totally useless and here’s why:

  • We learn little to nothing during the debates. Each candidate has their talking points, points which candidates have said over and over during the whole campaign. We still will say as informed as if we watched candidates’ 30-second ads for 90 minutes straight. And there still would be more profit in this case: it would eliminate interruption, sniffles, water-drinking, and speculation about a candidate’s stamina or hand size.
  • And even the talking points I mentioned barely include real political platform of the candidates. 10 minutes into debates and it is turning into a dick measuring contest.
  • The rules are designed to undermine rational interchange. A debater is not allowed to say, “That was a good point, I’ll have to rethink my views.” They must blindly stick to their positions which everybody has already heard.
  • A meaningful debate would take hours, and could not be distilled into sixty second sound bites.
  • Debates occur late in the campaign, long after the vast majority of voters have arrived at a decision.
  • Only two parties represented and the viewers barely know anything about third-party candidates.
  • There’s no technical opportunity to check facts and present data, so the viewers react based on their prejudices and the debates change literally nothing.
  • At the end of debates affiliated media will still claim that the candidate they support won:

  • And the last, but not the least: winning a debate still doesn’t make you a good President.

And it’s definitely up to you whether to watch it or not, but I’m going to skip tonight.

Are you going to spend your evening watching the debates? Why?


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