Blacks vs. Whites

This is really weird that I’m writing it in 2016, but, apparently, this needs to be reminded.

The color of your skin doesn’t determine who you are. Your decisions are not based on your skin color, gender, sexuality, looks, or religion in the USA of 2016. News nowadays are really disturbing and scary, but what’s even more disturbing and scary is posts on social media.

I never get offended with comments like “Die Becky”, “I hate white people” or whatever. Because I know I’m right, and they take my tweets out of context. It’s their right, I guess. It’s never a matter of color in my posts, but it’s always a matter of stupidity and logical fallacy. Just like that tweet about welfare. I received more than 2K comments and all of them were the same: there’re more white people on welfare. Yeah, right, I’m not a 5th grade Math teacher, so I’m not going to explain percentage and proportions to grown-up people, who missed those classes. And no need to mention that they got my thought out of context. Whatever.

What I’m going to write about is racial tribalism which is being successfully implemented by someone (yeah, it’s a conspiracy😛). The US is the country with equal freedoms and opportunities for everybody. Remember the classic picture?

pic 1.png

The color of your skin doesn’t decide who you are.

You do. (The title was quite misleading, huh? There’s no vs.)

A black man can be a judge, an attorney, a cop, or a criminal. Oh, and even a President.

Same applies to white, Hispanic, Asian, and middle-eastern people, both men and women.

Any gender and race. Literally.

You just have to put your mind to what you want to be. Only your own decisions affect your life. We live in the country of opportunities, so don’t fuck up yours.

There shouldn’t be “us” and “they”. We, as the people of one country and one nation, have to stay united and tied together. People in the previous century did a great job getting rid of inequality and segregation and our duty is to keep the unity they died for.

Yeah, in the country of the free you don’t only have rights, but you have duties too. So, do what you have to do, do what is right, respect the law and you will be rewarded afterwards. It works. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Blacks vs. Whites”

  1. Humanity shall be reminded of what we’ve done to make it here and we know no other way but to pay for what we’ve done. — Anzor

    On racism, there are different kinds of assholes out there, as long as they stay away and no threats they are okay to live, while there is only one kind of a good man. His morals are of universal virtue, he is simple and straightforward, he thinks and speaks the same thing, simultaneously on the go, he, or she, is above the wicked and the undecided, he does not compare the darkness and the light in order to appreciate or justify his existence, he will never rationalize in order to save face and move on; whatever faced is dealt with right there, no loose ends, he loves the loving God – not the fearful deity above or beneath. In movie/film industry he looks like Matt Damon, to me, I bring him on to help paint this human better as I lack proper English language skill. There is so much more I could add here though my point is, racism is illness to society as flu to a human. Obviously so, can be cured by one simple method: making it illegal. Example, any single word with hate or reference toward another being – 5 years prison no pardon. There are 100s of thousands important jobs they can do while in prison such as farming, farming, or farming.



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