#AskJennaAbrams Vol.3

What do you think about cheating (marriage)

Anything is ok in relationships as long as everyone involved agrees on the topic. Orgy, BDSM, polygamy, whatever. The problem is, not so many people are ok with their partner cheating. I wouldn’t put up with cheating in my relationship and I’m 100% monogamous myself. But it’s always the matter of consent.

Who put the bop In the bop shoo bop shoo bop?

I have a counterquestion. Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?

Why United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program to arm and finance the Jihad???

To keep the world in unstable condition, to benefit from weapon sales and cheap oil. I have some theories, but can’t be sure whether it correlates with reality, or not.

After #WhatIsAleppo who will you be voting for?

Unfortunately, that was not the only case when Gary Johnson discredited himself. After seeing all that nonsense he says, I recall my plans to vote for him. It’s too complicated, I didn’t make up my mind yet. Probably it will be a last minute decision.

Where do you find provocative posts? They always make me think.The breadth off topics is also unique.


Have people associated with Obama/Clinton passed the number of Nixon people pleading the 5TH?

Seems like a rhetorical question to me. We’ll never know the truth.

Will you marry me?

I get this question 3 to 5 times a day from different people. So I should settle either an auction of a fight to the death. I’m not sure yet.


How do you remain patient, rational and persistent in the face of so much hysterical absurdity?

I have a secret knowledge. And now I’m going to reveal it. If you take the fundamental truth that most people are insanely stupid and even more people are assholes, then you get used to this truth, and then you’ll remain calm and happy for your entire life. Mo expectations = no disappointments.

ever read What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us, what did you think, is it OK as present to S/O

No, I did not, but I’m going to. My to-read list is too big J Speaking about a present, Tiffany&Co is always a good idea. By the way, I’m reading War and Peace now.

What are the odds of Hillary dying of “pneumonia”?

For patients who require hospitalization for pneumonia, the mortality rate is between 10% and 25%; the elderly have lower survival rates than younger people, and pneumonia and influenza are the fifth leading causes of death in this population.

Would you support the effort of hungarian midgets to create a colony on Mars built entirely out of swiss cheese and marmalade?

I love Swiss cheese and marmalade. I wish I were a Hungarian midget.

boxers or briefs

Trunks. Or Borat-style swimsuit.



The life long question! Why are we here? Does life have a meaning? If death is final it then has no meaning!!

If death is final then it has the most significant meaning! Carpe that fucking diem! Do what you love and enjoy your life. Oh, and have a healthy and attractive body.

If i were to change my legal name to Carlos Danger, would u find me more attractive?

No, I like your Spicy middle name.

What’s your ideal date?

A date which makes me feel special and happy. There’s no scenario.

who would u rather lock up in jail for 20yrs. Hillary Clinton or Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is just a pervert and Hillary Clinton is a war criminal. The answer is quite obvious, huh?

Can vitamin C cure ebola and Hillary?

Ebola is curable, Hillary is incurable.

Have you ever fired a gun up in the air and gone “aaaahhhhhhh!” like Patrick Swayze?


Did you study political science in college? That’s my major because I really enjoy politics and I want to do something in that field but everyone tells me there are no jobs for a political science degree. And my other question is, what do you do for a job or is twitter and your blog basically your job?

I have already answered about my education and job here. You shouldn’t be worried about lack of job opportunities, because it’s not true. If you’re passionate to what you’re doing, and if you’re good at it, regardless of the field you have chosen, you’ll succeed.  What’s more, it’s not your education which defines your career; it’s your personal qualities, talent, courage, and willingness.

how are you doing today

Awesome. Just like any other day. Hope that you all are having a great day too, and if not, watch this video

One thought on “#AskJennaAbrams Vol.3”

  1. 3 to 5 times a day from different men, and this much of data can make me see through the distance, both time and the matter, as if I’d manage to saddle a bunch of neutrinos, wow…. I have just realized, that we shall be fine, all of us in our own unique ways in due time. I proudly state then, that being among all the men who’d love to be with you, I give you my blessing of love instead. Love toward the opposite half meant to be frozen in time, it cannot live long, or forever


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