Reason there’s something wrong with your marriage

Equal partnership marriage used to be a great concept back in times. And, just like tons of other beautiful concepts, something went wrong, and it has failed.


The idea was marvelous: provide women with equal rights and opportunities in family; be independent and equal in a freewill union with their partners.

But what happened in reality? Women accepted extra duties and have to provide their families with at least 50% financial support, but it’s 2016 and yet nobody has taught men to give birth and breastfeed half of the family’s children.

Women sacrifice their health, looks, mood and maternity to enter and equally participate in the workforce and men…  get 50% less work to do, and they sacrifice nothing. Attempts to share housework just lead to quarrels and housework is still a female duty.

So, how I see a perfect modern marriage:

  1. Both partners are aware that they are different. They are different mentally, physically, emotionally. And they can do different type and amount of work as well.
  2. A male partner is in harmony with his responsibilities, he is a conqueror, a winner, an achiever and a provider for his family. A female partner chooses activities which don’t suck energy out of her. Woman has to work on what she loves and enjoys, not being a main earner and spend that time on accumulation of her feminine energy and fill her man and family with it.
  3. That’s why when a woman drops her duties as an earner to accomplish her main goal which she was meant for (yes, dear feminists, creating a new life is the main goal of a woman), her PARTNER has to support her and take those responsibilities.


Then everything is in its place. A woman doesn’t waste her energy at work, but accumulates it and then gives to her man and family. A happy man is filled with his woman’s energy, clean house, delicious food, healthy and smart children and he goes and conquers the world.

What is your idea on perfect marriage? Share your thoughts in comments.

7 thoughts on “Reason there’s something wrong with your marriage”

  1. You clearly just don’t like working and this model of a family gives you an excuse to get someone else to work for you. Kids are only kids for a few years, so even if one of you is the stay at home carer, you should be working again once they are in school but I get the feeling you prefer to be getting your hair done and leaving your other half (of either sex) to bring in the hard dollars for you to spend.


  2. That only works if the man makes enough money to live comfortably, which is more difficult these days. If a family can’t afford a housekeeper, the woman will end up spending time on activities that suck the life out of her regardless, and she won’t even get paid for it. It’s actually easier to have a cubicle office job than to scrub a bathroom, and it comes with a built in social life.

    People should do what makes them happy, of course, but if a man can make enough to support a household, then I think it would be ideal for the woman to work at least part time, because a part time job would give enough money to pay someone else to do the dirty work while giving her people to talk to who aren’t her family. The problem with your model is that she would be giving all of the emotional support, without mentioning where she gets her own support from.


  3. Hi and hello
    I’m happy to work and marry
    Because my wife estimated liarits and we are partners in life
    And have a happy family
    And I wish you happiness
    And I hope to see your house here in Egypt and spent a week with us
    In order to know the traditions of the Egyptian people, a Muslim people allowed loves other people and other religions
    I wish you happiness and be friends


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