Why do we need to get back to segregation

Apparently, ethnic minorities are striving for segregation nowadays. Humanity has gone full circle. Never mind how many activists of any color died to get rid of segregation, and fought for inclusion, black people want it back. 100% free people made their choice, and their choice is segregation.

Racism is not personal, it is structural. Unlike the arena of mainstream media, the educational system, religious institutions and judicial systems that reinforce hurtful stereotypes, these [safe] spaces remind the oppressed that they are human, that they deserve respect. – Huffington Post


Try googling scholarships for minorities. Check quotas on workplaces. Turn on the TV. Or just look at our damn president. There is a great representation on people of color literally everywhere, but black people are taking a stand for safe spaces where whites are not allowed; for “equal” representation of people of color on TV and in entertainment.

The problem is that a lot of black people live in predominantly black neighborhoods, where 90% of people are black, so when they turn on the TV or go to a college campus, they want 90% representation of back people there. That’s not how it works.

According to 2010 census, 72% of the US population is white, 12% black and 4% Asian. That’s 7 out of 10 people on TV should be white, 1 out of 10 – black and each 25th should be Asian. I’m pretty sure the representation on TV now looks totally different.

Let’s try another 3rd-grade mathematic method on this. Imagine that we have 10 TV channels. Only 10 TV channels in the US. And one of them is 100% black. We know you like it, I mean, you have BET awards, black TV shows, AfroPunk, Micdotcom and so on. So, when we have 1 black-only TV channel, the rest 9 should not have a single black person. Would you be happy if the media was segregated like this? I bet you won’t.

You want to live in a society with mostly black representation? I’ll give you a hint:africa-contour.jpg

8 thoughts on “Why do we need to get back to segregation”

      1. Segregation is almost universally recognized as a shitty thing. That’s why we scaled it down here in America, destroyed the Berlin Wall and eradicated apartheid in South Africa. One has to wonder, are you really a “Man Trophy”? Because you sound like more of a consolation prize.


  1. I don’t think people, black people in particular realize that they are resegregating themselves. This is not a mistake, the Community Organizer In Chief has gone out of his way do divide us as a nation by way of edicts and selective enforcement from his Department Of Justice. This has emboldened Al and Jesse to show up with a figurative gas can and book of matches whenever there is a police involved shooting, justifiable or otherwise.
    Decades of progress in race relations have been dashed, and yet the left are still beating the racism and victim-hood drums.


  2. Ignorance begets ignorance. I suggest you read some books on American history and try to find a time when this country wasn’t segregated.


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