Ex-Congressman Weiner’s sexting scandal

New Anthony Weiner sexting exposed and it broke the Internet. Again. And people online are up in arms against him.


But why?

Yes, he is a filthy pig, yes, he is a cheater. And probably a mentally ill person. Everybody always knew that, this has never been a secret.

In this story there are two people to blame:

  1. Huma Abedin, who is simply a bad wife and mother. She left her family, made a terrible priority choice: went campaigning for Hillary instead of staying with her husband and a 6-month-old (!) child. This is what happens when you leave your man all alone, stop taking care of him and start taking care of Hillary instead. You leave a man with a broken career and ego. Surprise fact: you ruin your man’s ego when you have balls of steel and have no problem with sacrificing your natural role for your terrific career.

2. The anonymous woman who Weiner was sexting with. She’s just a plain whore seeking for money and revenge (?), we’ve seen dozens of those. She kept that chat going for half a year, being greedy and collecting pics of a politician to sell them. Weiner’s reaction to her almost naked photos was absolutely normal for a lonely unattended broken man. That was a simple betrayal of their private chat for money, what kind of person does that?

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