#AskJennaAbrams vol.2

What is your greatest feared result of the 2016 elections? And what if any positive do you see emerging?

Choosing between the options we have, there won’t be any relief after this election cycle. I’m sure Hillary will win and I totally don’t like it, but I wouldn’t like Trump even more. Here’s why: yes, Hillary is terrible. But at least her behavior is predictable. Unlike Trump’s. He seems less willing to start wars, but who knows what will happen next. First he says one thing, then another. I’d say that Trump’s presidency would be funnier, but I care about the nation, so fun must be the least argument in choosing your President. Xenophobe is not the right choice for the head of melting pot called the USA. He has a position on trade deal and on immigration and this is the place where his political ideas end: the wall, deportation and trading relationships with China. He’s indifferent to federal spending, taxes, abortion, debt, healthcare, etc. etc. Also (which is even more disturbing) he shows disdain for Congress and the Constitution. What will he bring? New pack of thieves, while Hillary will just dig deeper with hers.


What is your opinion of Gary Johnson Libertarian nominee and if you would vote 3rd party, who would it be?

Garry Johnson is the escape-hatch choice for many people this year, and probably for me as well. I hope he will have a chance to participate in the autumn presidential debates; he’s still a dark horse to me, so it will be nice if he takes part. Like a breath of fresh air.

What are some good ways regular people can combat the PC infiltration of the media?

Buy media corporations? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


1. Is my taste for (TRIGGER) pale girls hate speech? 2. Can I make every SJW feminist blow me or else racism?


If you could choose anyone to become the next US president, who would it be (anyone).

JFK and Putin combined

Is Detroit (bankruptcy, H20 issues) a harbinger of the future, a U.S. more increasingly stratified?

Frankly speaking, I’m not an expert. I read a couple of articles in my attempt to answer this question, but I failed, sorry J The only thing I can is to hope that it’s not.

Favorite biere?

I care about my body and mind, so no beer for me, thanks. And you shouldn’t either. Beer harms male hormonal balance and increases estrogen levels. And you don’t want to disappoint your lady, do you?

Do people in India call there food indian food or just food?

It’s “their”

Why are u turning me on w/ ur thought process?

I’m sexy and I know it


if you had a child and you were both about to starve would you eat the child to survive in the knowledge you can have another

If you chair fifty two duck recession twenty one would you pencil google eleven thirty light nine bottle euphemism no? This is how I see your question, senseless just like mine.

I am still puzzled by your tweets. You seem to be for empowerment of women without the fanfare.

Then you shouldn’t be puzzled, because you’re right.

What are your musical tastes?

I don’t have musical taste. Some may describe it with a French word “mélomane”, I just call it lack of taste.

 When are we goin to make a baby?!

When I meet a proper man to make babies with

One thought on “#AskJennaAbrams vol.2”

  1. Voting for Johnson is the only responsible choice. The problem is that there are just too many sheep. Both Trump & Clinton are disasters. No good can come of either. If it’s true that it’s darkest before the dawn – the Republicans better have their act together by 2020. Barring a Johnson miracle, the next four years will be the darkest in US history under HRC.


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