Is Hillary Clinton going to kill working class?

NAFTA, free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, was signed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1994. The agreement which was supposed to lead to the growth of all of the economies involved. What I (and I bet you, too) care most in all the trade agreements is the impact on a regular blue collar worker and the middle class. Clinton, while signing the NAFTA bill, stated that “NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.” Also, prominent economists and government officials predicted that NAFTA would lead to high trade surpluses with Mexico and that hundreds of thousands jobs would be created. Sounds great, right? But what happened in reality?

  1. Trade “surplus”: in 1993, when NAFTA was passed, the U.S. had a small trade surplus with Mexico, in 2013 the trade deficit was more than $50 billion.
  2. U.S. jobs: Growing trade deficits almost always result in growing trade-related job displacement; according to the survey held in 2010, U.S. trade deficits with Mexico had displaced 682,900 U.S. jobs. About 115,000 are likely economy-wide job losses because they were displaced in 2007-2010, when the U.S. market was severely depressed, but it’s difficult to argue that NAFTA was one of the major contributing factors. One of the main purposes of the agreement was to make U.S. companies feel free to openly operate in Mexico, where labor costs are way lower than in the U.S. And that was the time when blue collar wages began to stagnate.
  3. Mexican jobs: Mexican unemployment also rose. It is blamed on NAFTA for exposing Mexican farmers, especially corn producers, to competition from heavily subsidized U.S. agriculture.
  4. Migration: facts mentioned in the previous point led to the rise of both legal and illegal migration to the U.S. Migration to the United States, both legal and illegal, more than doubled after 1994, peaking in 2007.
  5. Other: NAFTA also missed its goals in environmental protection, immigration, drug trafficking, etc.

Free trade had been a central issue to Bill and Hillary Clinton until recently, when workers, activists, and labor unions (or maybe Hillary’s main opponent, who knows) started their active and open criticism towards it. Now Clinton converted from a huge fan of globalization to critic and her laughable attempt to appeal to the most struggling now blue collar working class and it could be a sign of sunrise of some sanity in Hillary’s mind. But we all know good old Clintons and what their promises are worth. By the way, Bill still defends NAFTA, less than two years ago he said, “NAFTA is still controversial but people will thank me for it in 20 years.”


Who benefits from NAFTA and other free trade deals? I’ll tell you. The stockholders, CEOs and other senior management of those companies, who moved their production to the countries with cheap labor force and rent rates.

And who the Clintons have always supported? CEOs of corporations, who use that cheap labor force.

While some people call her switch from globalization to anti-globalization “an evolution of her thinking”, personally I have no ground to trust her words. (You can read how Hillary has changed her position on free trade through time here.) She has betrayed us so many times that there’s not a single reason to believe that she won’t do it this time. Fun fact: renegotiation of NAFTA was one of the main points in Obama’s 2008 campaign. But guess what? He didn’t deliver. And Hillary will say anything to get elected, too.


HRC’s main donors are corporations and they are those who she will never betray. Not regular citizens. Not working or middle class. And if Hillary is elected President in November, she will do her best, use all of her power to please her masters from transnational corporations at the expense of American working and middle class.

What do you think about Hillary’s promises? Do you trust her? Do we, the American people, have a chance to gain our wealth back?

20 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton going to kill working class?”

  1. Nicely written article! Thank you for sharing your opinion
    I was thinking about it the other day and I totally agree with you, NAFTA is killing our economy and Hillary will cause only harm to our country. We have to stand up and do our best to drag her into prison!!


  2. Interesting point, Jenna!
    I wonder how people are going to vote for her after all the things she’s done for our country!
    People, where is your brain?!


  3. I also read a point about NAFTA impact on enviroment, farmers started to use more fertilizers and other chemicals to make their crops grow faster for more trade between the three countries. When the framers use more fertilizer it pollutes our earth by it running into a water system and makes it unhealthy for drinking and sometimes, in the worst cases, even washing.


  4. Many jobs have been lost to Mexico and Canada and our trade deficit with both countries has gotten larger. Both of these counties own much of our debt. Manufacturers have closed plants in the US to take advantage of lower wages and fewer regulations. It does not help our efforts to fight global warming when a CO2 emitting company can simply move to Mexico to avoid the new regulations.


  5. Marriage for political expediency is the rule for the Clintons. These are some remarkably vile people. She will continue destroying our nation and her fellow corporate friends will help her in any way possible. She needs to be indicted


  6. DemocRATS want people to depend on them and their power

    That’s what they need

    That’s what we must to avoid: total control


  7. She’s going to break the backs of the middle class with higher taxes, cheap foreign labor and an expansion of Obamacare because the middle class will be paying increased premiums and deductibles to subsidize an additional expansion of Medicaid to provide free healthcare for millions of foreign workers.


  8. Hillary epitomized the term “hypocrite”; she is complicit in her immorality. I hope American voter is paying attention and won’t elect this first-class liar. No matter how this anti-American traitor and her rich donors try to deceive us.


  9. Once elected she will drop the term “Middle Class” and pick up the term “Subjects”. The Upper class avoids taxes. The lower class avoids taxes and gets free IRS money because they pay no taxes. The middle class pays for it which is the whole plan; to destroy the middle class and create a nation of slaves.


  10. “Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are even stupider.” – George Carlin. And yet there are enough people to elect her. Look at Venezuela — and see what the Democrats want for America.


  11. She is the last person this country needs as the President. BTW, she also said that in her first 100 days in office, SHE WILL PERMANENTLY OPEN THE BORDERS. There go the jobs, the country and our safety and National Security. We will cease to be a sovereign country. This woman is a fraud who deserves to be strung up for her treason.


  12. A person that jeopardizes the safety and security of every man, woman, and child in this Country, should end in prison. Without a strong middle class the government and the rich are in charge and we go back to the feudal two class Dark Ages.


  13. Hillary is owned by so many interest groups (foreign & domestic) that she could be a publicly traded stock. Of course she has no interest in the middle class whatsoever! That’s the plan all along: tax the middle class out of existence.


  14. I’m sure that Clintons predicted the result of NAFTA and that’s exactly what they were going to achieve. It seems like Clintons’ aim is to ruin our economy, isn’t it?


  15. The deal was made for politicians to get even richer and you should understand that it’s destructive for people. This case shows what our (possible) future president does care about. And it’s not about people


  16. When the NAFTA was first signed in 1994, as people said it would create many jobs and, as a result, economic prosperity. But what we can see now? 682,900 jobs lost to NAFTA takes into account jobs created. The plan hasn’t worked. But was it a real plan? Or the consequences we faced are the prime target?


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