#AskJennaAbrams vol.2

What is your greatest feared result of the 2016 elections? And what if any positive do you see emerging?

Choosing between the options we have, there won’t be any relief after this election cycle. I’m sure Hillary will win and I totally don’t like it, but I wouldn’t like Trump even more. Here’s why: yes, Hillary is terrible. But at least her behavior is predictable. Unlike Trump’s. He seems less willing to start wars, but who knows what will happen next. First he says one thing, then another. I’d say that Trump’s presidency would be funnier, but I care about the nation, so fun must be the least argument in choosing your President. Xenophobe is not the right choice for the head of melting pot called the USA. He has a position on trade deal and on immigration and this is the place where his political ideas end: the wall, deportation and trading relationships with China. He’s indifferent to federal spending, taxes, abortion, debt, healthcare, etc. etc. Also (which is even more disturbing) he shows disdain for Congress and the Constitution. What will he bring? New pack of thieves, while Hillary will just dig deeper with hers.


What is your opinion of Gary Johnson Libertarian nominee and if you would vote 3rd party, who would it be?

Garry Johnson is the escape-hatch choice for many people this year, and probably for me as well. I hope he will have a chance to participate in the autumn presidential debates; he’s still a dark horse to me, so it will be nice if he takes part. Like a breath of fresh air.

What are some good ways regular people can combat the PC infiltration of the media?

Buy media corporations? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


1. Is my taste for (TRIGGER) pale girls hate speech? 2. Can I make every SJW feminist blow me or else racism?


If you could choose anyone to become the next US president, who would it be (anyone).

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Ugly truth about Millennials

Today I asked my followers how would they describe Millennials and this is what I got: “lazy”, “thin-skinned”, “spoiled”, “selfish”, “undisciplined”, “self-absorbed”, ”fragile”, “oblivious”, etc. and I can agree on this. This generation is really what you call it. But there was one description that is the most accurate.  “Raised by neglectful, over-compensating for inadequacy, self-serving parents.”

You’re in charge. You insisted your children and grandchildren have to get higher education instead of taking a blue-collar job or just entering the workforce after school like your generation did. Most of you pay for that (often unnecessary) higher education. You are overprotective and prevent your children from playing outside and making mistakes you had a chance to make to gain that thick skin. You don’t let your 12-year-old kid stay at home alone because they are too young. And who is wrong when your child has a conflict at school? I bet you always blame the other side, not your “special snowflake”. And how you get surprised that the whole generation gets offended by facing the truth: they are not special. It must hurt, right?


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Love and Peace to all of You!

Have you ever got comments full of hate on the Internet? I bet most of you have. You may be a public person and get tons of jealous and hateful comments or there might be a single hater – your ex, your envious coworker, your neighbor. I get hateful comments almost every day, but I never pay attention to it, get angry/offended/frustrated/etc by it.

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Is Hillary Clinton going to kill working class?

NAFTA, free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, was signed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1994. The agreement which was supposed to lead to the growth of all of the economies involved. What I (and I bet you, too) care most in all the trade agreements is the impact on a regular blue collar worker and the middle class. Clinton, while signing the NAFTA bill, stated that “NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.” Also, prominent economists and government officials predicted that NAFTA would lead to high trade surpluses with Mexico and that hundreds of thousands jobs would be created. Sounds great, right? But what happened in reality?

  1. Trade “surplus”: in 1993, when NAFTA was passed, the U.S. had a small trade surplus with Mexico, in 2013 the trade deficit was more than $50 billion.
  2. U.S. jobs: Growing trade deficits almost always result in growing trade-related job displacement; according to the survey held in 2010, U.S. trade deficits with Mexico had displaced 682,900 U.S. jobs. About 115,000 are likely economy-wide job losses because they were displaced in 2007-2010, when the U.S. market was severely depressed, but it’s difficult to argue that NAFTA was one of the major contributing factors. One of the main purposes of the agreement was to make U.S. companies feel free to openly operate in Mexico, where labor costs are way lower than in the U.S. And that was the time when blue collar wages began to stagnate.
  3. Mexican jobs: Mexican unemployment also rose. It is blamed on NAFTA for exposing Mexican farmers, especially corn producers, to competition from heavily subsidized U.S. agriculture.
  4. Migration: facts mentioned in the previous point led to the rise of both legal and illegal migration to the U.S. Migration to the United States, both legal and illegal, more than doubled after 1994, peaking in 2007.
  5. Other: NAFTA also missed its goals in environmental protection, immigration, drug trafficking, etc.

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