Obama vs Brexit

The whole world is discussing Brexit and its results for the UK and the whole world. The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and it’s not a secret that US authorities are disappointed with such decision. And it’s not surprising because results of the referendum are considered to be just another failure of Obama’s foreign policy.

Right before the referendum was held Obama visited London to warn British people:  remain in the EU or suffer the consequences.  He urged that in case if UK made ‘the wrong decision’ he’d rethink some UK-US trade deals and economical considerations.  I think such statement describes Obama’s presidency pretty accurate. But could you please tell me when threats became a part of diplomacy?

Such point of US authorities’ shows inability to make equitable relationships with our Euro partners. Moreover, the same is about extending Russia sanctions which makes no sense to Britons and what Washington insists on. Estrangement with EU capitals, deterioration of Transatlantic relations and increasing level of anger among Europeans are the result of Obama-Clinton external policies course. Well, it’s rather easy to predict that if Clinton got elected this course would be continued. Resulting from it is a further dent in problems with Europe and Russia.

12 thoughts on “Obama vs Brexit”

  1. I am to the right of British politics, and President Obama was never going to be my favourite politician. I campaigned to leave the EU – which I was doing before the euro, before the EU enlarged to take in so many new members, and before migration was an issue. I simply don’t want to be part of a Federal Europe. Amongst people like me the President’s visit was a double insult, and we felt it very keenly. Not only did he come to threaten us, but he did it by reading a script written for him by our own Government. It was that second insult – Cameron inviting Obama and other foreign leaders to threaten his own citizens – that really disgusted and infuriated us. I am quite sure that the visit was counterproductive.

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    1. Excellent reply, Quominus, and it echoes what I’ve heard people here in the northeast saying. Even those who voted remain for the most part resented Obama’s remarks, particularly the ‘back of the queue’ bit.


  2. President Obama is trying to make sure he has the power to influence governments of other countries. Such words as sovereignty or independence mean nothing to him since he thinks he can just force his policy on free people. But reality is different and brexit clearly showed it. Not only his threats didn’t have a presumptive result it just fired back at him and it’s not surprising. You can’t just make an official visit only to act like some kind of a self-proclaimed dictator and threaten free people with ‘consequences’. The only consequence now is that the British are dead sure they should leave the EU, because the president on another country told them not to. Obama showed how little he’s concerned about anything that’s not part of his own interests and agenda he’s pushing. And it doesn’t take a genius to understand that the only thing he’s obsessed with is gaining more control. His epic legislative orders saga is literally an abuse of the power his presidential position gives him and I just don’t get how it comes he’s not impeached yet.


  3. Britain is now getting their sovereignty back and the only thing Obama could come up with is threatening. Seriously? Isn’t that a fail? I’m quite upset I have to admit this president represents me, because he actually doesn’t. I never voted for Obama but as an American and an active member of a community I live in I feel responsibility for American government. And now I can only apologize. Never ever was my country a world-class thug who forces its own views on others using threats like this. And by the way what exact consequences did he talk about? Given that he’s already messed our economy up I’m afraid the only ones who are going to suffer are the American people. I realize that diplomacy is not about being nice and polite, it’s a confrontation between countries wrapped with good manners. But there are better ways to impose pressure onto someone if you have to. Using blatant threats never results into anything besides getting a middle finger and that’s exactly what happened. I can’t imagine a situation when Cameron would come to the US only to threaten us and getting a total approval among American citizens. That’s just absurd and I have no idea why Obama didn’t realize it when he delivered that speech.


  4. This is why i’m frightened by the idea of Clinton’s presidency. She’s clearly the one to push the hardline when it comes to foreign relations. Where Trump would rather negotiate, she’d probably curb stomp her way through, alienating friends and partners, and making bitter enemies out of our rivals.


  5. This rude intervention isn’t the first time he tried to shove his precious opinion down someone’s throat. After all these years I can say that he’s nothing more than a narcissist who can’t even handle his own country, let alone messing with other countries’ global affairs. Apparently, in his reality, he still is a Nobel Prize for nothing winner, but in the real world, his ignorance just helped those who voted to leave actually leave.

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  6. “He urged that in case if UK made ‘the wrong decision’ he’d rethink some UK-US trade deals and economical considerations.”
    To begin with, how is he going to fulfill these promises when in few months he will be gone?
    And moreover, why would he suppose that a coming President will try to control everything and all around him, just like he did, by the way failing to keep his own country in order?
    I hope, Brexit will be the last demonstration of his cluelessness.


  7. Well, it was obvious that British people will decide to leave the EU. Nobody wants to be the part of their foolish game! It’s really sad that not many countries can openly admit this fact. Nevertheless, i’m glad British people showed their strength and courage to go alone when push came to shove.


  8. American policy toward Europe under Obama leadership has been an abject failure. NATO, the European Union, Great Britain, Germany, are all in a worse position now than they were before the Brexit (the fact is that the EU is in trouble and the UK aren’t the only Europeans who think Brussels is a disaster).

    And after all, Brexit is a win for Putin. One of the EU most principled critics of Russia will no longer have a vote in Brussels. Also, Brexit will take Europe away from the Anglo-Saxons, that is, from the US. Here’s an example: Without Great Britain in the EU no one will defend the EU sanctions against Russia. Its also good to know that other pro-Putin and anti-EU politicians and movements throughout Europe just became a much stronger.

    Putin is consolidating strength. He stopped NATO’s expansion in Georgija (2008) he slowed EU expansion in Ukraine (2014), he is expanding Russia’s presence in the Middle East (Syria 2015) and he has increased Russia’s economic power in parts of the former SSSR by building the EEU.

    At the end I will repeat: Obama policy toward Europe has been an abject failure and not just because Brexit, keep in mind what is currently happening with Turkey.


  9. You don’t tell ANY Democratic country what to do. That’s not Democratic by definition. It’s another strong arm move that usually comes from Communist countries. We have/are turning more and more towards a Totalitarian society. It sickens and disheartens me.


  10. A bit late coming to this article, but it was on the money. As an American living in Britain, I can tell you Obama’s visit and warning probably did more to help Brexit succeed than he would like to believe. No one living here appreciated his interference – at all.


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