Obama vs Brexit

The whole world is discussing Brexit and its results for the UK and the whole world. The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and it’s not a secret that US authorities are disappointed with such decision. And it’s not surprising because results of the referendum are considered to be just another failure of Obama’s foreign policy.

Right before the referendum was held Obama visited London to warn British people:  remain in the EU or suffer the consequences.  He urged that in case if UK made ‘the wrong decision’ he’d rethink some UK-US trade deals and economical considerations.  I think such statement describes Obama’s presidency pretty accurate. But could you please tell me when threats became a part of diplomacy?

Such point of US authorities’ shows inability to make equitable relationships with our Euro partners. Moreover, the same is about extending Russia sanctions which makes no sense to Britons and what Washington insists on. Estrangement with EU capitals, deterioration of Transatlantic relations and increasing level of anger among Europeans are the result of Obama-Clinton external policies course. Well, it’s rather easy to predict that if Clinton got elected this course would be continued. Resulting from it is a further dent in problems with Europe and Russia.