Who wins in #Brexit?

As you all know, UK voted to leave the EU. The turnout was 72%, 51,9% voted Leave, 48,1 – Remain. The world is puzzled: what has happened?

I don’t like the idea of borders and would prefer there were none, neither political, nor economic; but let’s face the reality. With no borders poor countries will become richer and rich countries will become poorer.


Is the UK interested in losing its prosperity? I bet they are not. UK is wealthy and rich. What for? Dubious idea of globalization?

First of all, because of open borders the whole Eastern Europe has migrated to London. Latvian, Estonian and Polish citizens are happy to work for really low (for Brits) wages. So local plumbers, cleaners and gardeners have dropped out of the labor force. Average wages in the country have fallen drastically together with the standard of living.

Secondly, while being a part of EU the UK has almost lost its sovereignty. Most of the citizens oppose letting Middle Eastern refugees in, but the country has to follow the rules and quota Brussels has settled.

Thirdly, the UK has no global international influence while being a part of the EU. There’s the one and only EU position and it is superior to the opinion of the UK.

One of the strongest countries in the world has lost its significance on the international scene and had to put up with the public opinion which it rarely shared.

And it’s not only external affairs which Brussels controls, but also the internal ones. The idea of the same social laws everywhere is great, but it never works in real life.

I love the idea of the world without borders, when every human being in the world has equal opportunities and rights. Do you know who also dreamed about it? Alexander the Great 300 years BC and we all know what happened to the Empire when he died. Then there were some other attempts of building a global union, but they all collapsed. From Holy Roman Empire to the Soviet Union.

Seems like the world is not ready for a global union and won’t be ready in the foreseeable future.

Brexit is just the first detector of the fall of the United Europe. Just like the unions mentioned above have fallen.

Is there any chance to remove the borders some day? What do you think about Brexit? Is there a future for the European Union without the UK?


3 thoughts on “Who wins in #Brexit?”

  1. I find the whole Brexit situation fascinating. I would have voted to leave if I was British. As an American, and a Texan, there is a building backlash against the 1% not enforcing immigration laws or protecting our borders from Mexicans. Donald Trump isn’t the answer, but he is a sign of the frustration. I expect the next few years to be rough for the U.S. and Britain.


  2. John Lennon wrote the song “Imagine” about the whole world being one,but he even admits he’s only a dreamer and not the only one.
    It’s the Liberal left wings dream for John Lennons song Imagine to come true regardless of all the atrocities that will happen trying to achieve it.
    I voted Brexit as I want my country back as its not nice living in a multicultural country that neither myself,friends or family wish for as it just does not work.
    Politicians just don’t seem to grasp that it cannot and never will work,and with the rise of the far right across Europe which most certainly is going to lead to civil and religious war,the one thing the liberal lefts are meant to stand for which is peace and democracy will be gone for a lifetime.
    It’s so sad to see the world self destruct like this and it all the fault of selfish liberal left wing lunatics that just cannot and will not accept that multiculturalism just does not work and neither does Islam mix with any western society that have a free way of life and coupled with the fact their religion is barbaric.
    I cannot sadly see a resolution to the Muslim invasion of America and Europe where it will end peacefully,I can only see years of violence and bloodshed.


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