Are there boundaries for beauty?

What do you feel when you see women with hairy armpits? Do you find them beautiful? Attractive? Even if the hair are not sweaty and freshly washed. Is it acceptable? Do you think this woman is desirable?


Can you declare that real men like hair and real women don’t shave?


Then why fat is any different? Why do people find unshaven armpits gross, but consider butts covered with cellulite as “curves”? How can fat rolls on your stomach be sexy? How can anyone find your cellulite thighs attractive?

Oh, armpit hair are unhygienic? I see.

But how are your fat rolls hygienic? You can wash your hair just like you can wash your fat folds. What’s the difference?


Please, fatties, explain why don’t you find yourself disgusting, but you do find those with hairy armpits abnormal?

2 thoughts on “Are there boundaries for beauty?”

  1. Hahaha they’re both gross. I suppose the fatties would argue… but we cant help it… genetic disposition and all. Also, the pitt hair girls are making a very deliberate choice. Funny thing about that genetic disposition thing though, is that when traveling to a third world country, there are never any fat people. That points to food being a more important influencing factor of fatness than genetics. Now, to each their own, but if you grow pitt hair, just don’t expect people to think it’s beautiful. It’s one thing to say “I have pitt hair and I don’t care” or something along those lines. Its another to say ” I have pitt hair and I expect you to think I’m beautiful and if not then you’re a horrible person.” Also, as a man, I just wanted to add in that I have never had an experience in which a woman said to me – mmmm, look at all of that sexy pitt hair. Although I have heard of some women being attracted to body hair on men, which I would attribute to it enhancing the perception of masculinity. With that in mind, I’m guessing that no one, male or female, finds pitt hair particularly attractive, save the pitt hair fetish groups. The same goes for fatness. If you’re fat, most people find it unattractive. It’s a hardwired response to selecting the best potential partner to reproduce with. Biology dictates that we try to select the most healthy, well adapted, and fertile mate for reproduction. It’s a primal need, not a cerebral decision. Fatness is neither healthy nor is it suggestive that the person has strong self control, in turn taking away from the ability to perceive the person as attractive or beautiful. Pitt hair on a female imply’s that they are masculine. Typically real men, or at least the ones that I know, would not find this attractive or appealing unless they’re attracted to men or have a strange fetish. So no, I would expect that if a study were conducted, that neither would be found to be attractive to the majority of people.


  2. I don’t understand the reason behind the article. I expect better from you, Jenn. Neither the Pit hair or body type you showed are particularly unattractive or attractive. It would depend upon 20+ other factors for me to determine if I’m attracted to either, personality included. If they are Democrats, they are ugly, period.

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