What’s your background? What inspires you?

According to a man in my comments I am “a fake person employed by a liberal who put a hot girl as the photo” and I love this one, this is my official background from now on and I identify as a fake person employed by a liberal who put a hot girl as the photo. This is my sexual identification as well.

What inspires me most is people. All of them. Smart, dumb, tall, short, fat, slim, funny and lame, people of any color and nationality. People are amazing and amusing. Some people inspire me, some make me reevaluate my life and my ideas. Some people are just nonsense of humanity and I love them for it, they make me smile. I love watching people; this is the best experience you can get every day and literally at any moment. Interactions with different people make your life full and diverse and this is the main point why I started my online communication.

Oh, and my social media experiment is not my job, as some of you may think.

What do you think of proclaimed feminists that say they fight for women but are hell bent on unchecked refugee import?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No idea. Bigotry and lack of education, I guess.

Any chance the Orlando attack changed the hearts/minds of any American liberals?

I really hope so. Now I see more posts by LGBT+ community members in support for 2nd Amendment. People have to protect themselves and I’m really sorry people started to realize and speak out about our right to carry a gun only after such a horrible incident. It would also be great if liberals started to call things what they are. Islamic terrorism is Islamic terrorism. I hope they will get it before another fifty people are dead.


Since current administration is so flexible – should the US allow polygamous marriage?

I’m definitely in favor of traditional marriage and gender roles when it’s about my relationships, but I don’t really care what other adults do with theirs as long as all of them consent and live in harmony (if it’s possible in a polygamous marriage). I don’t think this is a healthy type of relationship, but if it doesn’t cause harm to the society (there are researches that say it does), it’s none of my business.

What is it that you do as a career?

I’m not a career type of person. I own a small shop and do things I love here and there. I started writing my dissertation, but I’m not sure whether I need a PhD or not.

 I know you aren’t thrilled with the current front runners in either party.  If you could pick your perfect ticket, who would be on it?  

JFK and Reagan both reincarnated in one person



I don’t have a Facebook account and never will; their policy makes me sick.

I have a Tumblr blog, but I don’t post anything there, it’s just kind of a social experiment

I may or may not marry you, life is so unpredictable

4 thoughts on “#AskJennaAbrams”

  1. Hi Jen,keep up the great work,you are really intelligent with a great sense of humour.You speak a lot of sense and as others have said are very attractive.


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