Happy Birthday, Mr.Trump. Here’s how you could have increased your chances

I received a brilliant letter from my Twitter follower David Smith, ex-lawyer, and I want to share it with you, my friends.

Time For Trump To Learn To Speak Like A Politician

Arguably Trump’s appeal is in part because he is not part of the political establishment and his new frank approach to politics. For Trump and 12 million Americans who voted for him: it is a source of pride. That said, had Trump spoken his rhetoric using the language of a politician he could have avoided much of the media and party criticism. Politicians spend their lives offering their public and private policies in a non-descript language that offends no one. Their language offers only a general indication about where they stand. Below are a few examples of how Trump could have gotten his point across in the language of a politician.

The Wall


  • “I am building a wall. Do you think they are sending us their best people?”
  • “They are sending us criminals, drug addicts.”
  • “Mexico will pay for the wall.”


  • “I think a wall will help secure our borders and balance our trade deficit with Mexico.”
  • “The savings from balancing the Mexican deficit with Mexico will pay for the wall.”



  • “Ban all Muslims till we can figure this thing out.”


  • “America needs to re-evaluate its position regarding immigration. We can no longer have open borders until we can secure our citizens.”
  • “We need to make America great again.”

The Judge


  • “Everyone says the Mexican judge has been unfair in his rulings.”
  • “He’s Mexican I am building a wall. Of course he is bias.”
  • “He should recuse himself.”


  • “I respect his heritage and have no problem that he is proud to be heritage, just as I am proud of mine.”
  • ”However, his affiliation with a radical group like La Raza gives the appearance of bias and he should consider recusing himself.”



  • Asked why “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Your Twitter account …”
  • “Only Rosie O’Donnell“
  • “I’m the exact opposite. I cherish women. I want to help women. I’m going to do things for women that no other candidate will be able to do. And it’s very important to me,”


  • “The rhetoric of my Twitter account does not reflect my personal views, only a personal interaction among those that have made fun of my hair, stature and hands. Did I go too far in my comments, probably? I think my record over the last forty years as a businessman who has hired women in the highest positions in my company and paid them salaries equivalent to men speaks for itself.”



  • “I love the poorly educated.”


  • “Voters of all educational backgrounds are supporting my campaign.”



  • “There has to be some sort of punishment for women who have abortions.”


  • “It is not about punishment. I oppose elective abortion on both moral and sectarian grounds. I believe that a human fetus has a right to life. If you are asking whether everyone should followed the law? Then of course everyone should follow the law.”

Tax Cuts


  • “I will cut taxes by $10 trillion, and the economy will take off like a rocket ship. Due to the dynamic effect I will not increase the national debt.


  • While dynamic models can differ we need to have a corporate tax rate that is competitive with the rest of the world. We are competing for the world’s business. We need to attract their business. Currently there is $2.5 trillion in capital overseas that has not seen its way into the US Tax Code. We need a Tax Code that provides incentives to companies that create jobs in America and keeps their capital in America.


What do you think about it? Is this political correctness everybody hates or plain politeness, which every person, regardless of their position in society, needs?


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