Depp vs Heard

Wannabe actress Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s wife – washed away the make up, put on her saddest facial expression and started a lawsuit against her husband.

According to papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, the actress — who is seeking spousal support from estranged husband Johnny Depp — earned a total of $259,876 in 2015 — but after a bevy of expenses, she brought home only $51,461. While Johnny Depp – according to Forbes – earned $30M. And now Heard is seeking $50,000 a month (!) in spousal support. They don’t have children and they were married for 15 months.

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Heard’s lawyer claims that the actress “suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny,” and that she didn’t speak out in an attempt to “keep this matter as private as possible.” They started dating in 2012, married in 2015. I guess, 3 years is enough to realize who you are dating and quit the abusive relationship, and reject a marriage proposal, huh?

I’m not trying to say that Depp didn’t hit her. He’s an alcoholic, and hypothetically he could do it.


But do I feel sympathy for a woman who agreed to marry a drunkard 20 years older than herself? Rich and famous, but still an old drunkard.

No way. Moreover, while I despise men, who are able to beat a woman, I support Depp in this situation.

See: Johnny’s mother is sick. She is dying. Johnny really loves his mother and he has to watch her at death’s door.

Depp’s mother has never liked his young spouse. She never accepted her and thought that Amber is a gold-digger. Furthermore, Depp’s children didn’t want Amber to be next to their grandmother’s deathbed.

What would an adequate and well-raised woman do? Just quietly leave the stage and support her significant other in this scary and tragic situation. Be patient and caring.

Amber’s actions? Staged and ugly scene, insisting on her right to stay next to her mother-in-law’s bed.

Yeah, Depp might have lost his temper and threw that damn iPhone at Amber on May 21, but you know what? His mother died on May 20.


Betty Sue Palmer, Depp’s mother, was right about Heard. She is a gold-digger, she has never really loved him and the only thing she has always needed from him is his money and media attention to her lame personality and disgraceful behavior. A loving woman will never take to court a man, who has just lost his beloved mother. No sane person ever will.

What do you think about this situation? Who is to blame?


*Bonus* Amber Heard laughing near the court. Not a good actress, I assume. Amber Heard laughing afterleaving the court

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