What would you do if you didn’t have to do your current work?

Who would you live with if you were not tied with the person you live with now by daily routine and responsibilities?

Where would you live? What would you eat? What books would you read? Where would you travel?

And how would you look like?

Make a pause and write down the answers.

Stop reading this post, spend 10 minutes and be honest with yourself.


Being honest with yourself is a privilege we all have, but only a few use. Unfortunately. Being honest with yourself is where your personality begins. The personality you deserve to be.

So, have you already come up with the answers?

Now, what doesn’t let you change your life? What separates you from your dream lifestyle? What is the main obstacle?

Once I read an article about child brothels in Cambodia. Girls there are being sold as sex slaves at the age of three. Three-year-old girls are forced to be prostitutes.

Little girls live in horrible conditions, they are malnourished and adult men have sex with them multiple times a day. They don’t see the daylight, enduring torture and then die of exhaustion and AIDS.


Poor infants didn’t choose this way of living. They are not responsible for the conditions they have to accept. They didn’t have even a slight chance to avoid this hell and they don’t have a chance to escape it now without any assistance.

These girls are the real victims. The victims who can’t change their lives on their own. They don’t have such an opportunity. These tiny girls, sitting in their cages, were deprived of their rights to survive.

Are you a Cambodian girl? Did your parents sell you into sex slavery when you were three? No? Then why do you keep on whining how unfair your life is? Why don’t you live your life the way you want? I really want to read your excuses on why you don’t rule your life. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Excuses?”

  1. Yes, i think its annoying when people complain about stuff that is not important. Be thankful for what you have.
    Thats just my opinion. But i guess people will be people. Stupidity is everywhere, just have to cope with it.


  2. I am not very good at humans, but I find it surprising to see the assertion that few exercise their privilege of self-honesty. I have been my favourite subject for pitiless analysis since I was about 14 (a disagreeably long time ago), and rather assume that others share the habit. Be that as it may, I think that many of us would join with Prufrock in saying:

    “I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
    And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,
    And in short, I was afraid.”

    Fear is the key, but to it must be added gratitude and commitment. If one is not a beast, then the good that others do to and for you deserves recompense in a loyalty that often forbids the kind of change you contemplate.

    The price of fear and loyalty is regret. But regret is often also the price of ignoring reasonable fears (gambles often fail, else they would hardly be worth making), and of repaying kindness with betrayal. Life is a bitch, but that fact is not diminished for any of us by the unspeakable realities of the lives of others – such as your Cambodian girls (whose exploiters’ lives I would gladly terminate).

    Not all reasons are excuses. Quite a few of us don’t whine.


  3. Well written. Moral: count your blessings. The glass is half full, not half empty. The grass is not greener on the other side (trust me on this one.) Be thankful. If you stop and think about your life, all the people in it and all that matters to you, you’ll find your joy not in things, but in moments spent with the ones you love. I cannot imagine those young children enslaved as they are. When I think about my daughter or my 2-year old granddaughter in that light, it almost gags me, and sends shivers down my spine. I think I might spend a few more minutes on my knees tonight in prayer and thanksgiving, thanking God for all He has given me, the provisions he has made, and most importantly, that my granddaughter will never know a life like these Cambodian children.

    God, please, end this cruel and inhumane treatment of these small, innocent babies. Let them know a life of freedom, playing and dancing and singing, not caged like animals who are taken out, abused and returned to their cage. I cannot imagine this horror. This book, “The Road of Lost Innocence: As a girl, she was sold into sexual slavery, but now she rescues others. The story of a Cambodian heroine, came highly recommended to me. I think I will now purchase and read it, given the revelations of your blog (link to book @ Amazon below.) Thank you for this story.



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