Do you consider yourself a responsible adult? A conscious citizen? I bet most of people over 18 do. Then why are there so many Trump supporters?

You know what amuses me in them most of all? Not ignorance, not barbarism, not idealization of their demigod, but the fact that they believe him. They believe that he is trustworthy and strong; they believe that he proclaims freedom and the truth. That he stands for people’s rights.

This week Trump agreed to debate with Bernie, supporters of both sides were genuinely excited to watch this and me too. This could have been quite an entertaining event.

I understand why people support Trump, the country is tired of political correctness, liberals are trying to silent free speech. But. Do you really want to see this person, who declined to debate with a 70-year-old socialist, as your commander in chief? As a commander in chief of one of the most powerful countries in the world? The country with its own nuclear weapons.

This person in charge for nukes.


He says random phrases and then he takes his random words back justifying it with “it was just a joke” excuses.

Imagine him, as a president, saying “Oh, your eyes are so narrow lol!” to Xi Jinping. Or “Oh, UN is great I love UN” being a full speech to the United Nations General Assembly.  “Angela Merkel is unattractive, both inside and out, I understand why she’s letting so many refugees in, they don’t care what to have sex with”.  “Incest is legal from now on everywhere; I want to have sex with my beautiful daughter”. “The beauty of me is not only that I’m rich, but I also I can nuke countries”. And then “That was just a joke”

He changes his mind so often that it makes me doubt about his mental stability. Freedom of speech is awesome, but there are such things as diplomacy, tact and plain politeness which are essential to any politician. Now Trump is just an entertaining buffoon, but imagine the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. There are different cultures, with which President has to deal not only within our country (by building a wall and deporting Muslims, apparently), but also around the globe and requires uuuge patience and ability to silent yourself sometimes.

I just hope that voters will understand that Trump’s refusal to debate is just a sign of his total ineptitude in making serious decisions. And if the voters won’t understand it, genuine world leaders will get it in a sec. Neither Chinese, nor Saudi leaders nor Russia’s Putin will ever take Trump’s opinion into account.


I don’t want the future where the American opinion is not taken seriously. Do you?

10 thoughts on “#ChickenTrump”

      1. Trump hasn’t taken power yet, so it remains to be seen exactly what he will do. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, six years before WWII.


  1. This election cycle is so crazy.I honestly don’t know who is worse.Hillary is a liar and will do and say anything too get elected.On the other hand Trump knocked outage republican field quickly.I will vote but it may be with my eyes closed.


  2. This election cycle is so crazy.Trump took down sixteen other candidates.Hillary will say and do anything to get elected.I would rather have a Bernie vs Trump in the general.Although i do think Trump will win as a rebuke of Obama’s socialist policies


  3. I live in a sanctuary city. I have seen first hand how illegal’s have turned my city into a giant ghetto. They have played bumper cars with my Vehicles.and have not paid a dime. [about 30,000 in damage] Men have raped young girls thinking that if they had a child that they wouldn’t be deported. 2 miles from my house an old lady was raped and beaten to death by an illegal [that one was in the national news] They pile people in houses, think for a min what that does to a neighborhood and then think about what the kids living in the bedroom with the parents see. I got plenty more.
    I think Trump is an idiot but I think he will deport and I think he will force companies to come back to the US. That’s why I will vote for him.


  4. You make a solid argument as to why Trump should not be the candidate. I would much rather have had Ted Cruz. But A Clinton/Sanders ticket is the death knell of freedom here and worldwide. Feel free to dislike Trump; but he’s the medicine America needs to cure us of Obama’s poisonous tenure.


  5. Here comes an entirely irrelevant opinion, for I am an Englishman with no vote in your election. In fact by posting this I break a personal rule never to comment on your politics, because they are none of my business and I do not properly understand them. You did, however, tweet that you awaited observations, so here is mine on this topic of international importance. I give it as a commercial lawyer – a litigator – with a fair amount of experience of the world and a stake in its continued peace and prosperity. I am also one who silently follows a number of constitutional conservative bloggers on your side of the pond, and who understands the many reservations that they, and you, have about Mr Trump.

    With that tedious preface done, I will say that I feel President Obama’s leadership of the free world has been utterly lamentable, and that it exemplifies a slide into liberal impotence that can be found elsewhere in the West, not least in my own country. Mrs Clinton was, of course, the agent through which such policy was expressed in the first phase of the Presidency, and I see no reason to believe that she will not do as bad or worse if elected. She terrifies me. I believe that a civilisation of which I am rather proud faces serious threats from Islamism, mass migration, and the range of liberal idiocies now being implemented in many aspects of public life. I do not know whether Mr Trump will actually do anything to counter this burgeoning catastrophe, but I am quite certain that Mrs Clinton will not. From my personal (and as I have said, irrelevant), point of view, he is a risk worth taking. But then, I am not the one taking it.


  6. I think Trump is climbing in popularity for the same reason a lot of absurd brands (let’s face it, it’s his brand people are buying, not the reality) are able to gain so much traction. We have been culturally conditioned to worship celebrity and believe that by aligning ourselves with it, we can attain its magic for ourselves in some way. Celebrity is inherently credible in America, not based on any underlying substance, but for its own sake. Idolatry, which this is, is the cessation of perception, the abandonment of reason and the suspension of disbelief. Freedom, by contrast, is truly difficult…not because it’s not wonderful, but because it requires an enormous amount of vigilance, self-discipline and accountability. In short, to live free requires the best of us…if we instead see it as mere license for sloth and self-indulgence, we may soon find that it has left us for good.


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