Are you happy?

The only thing you should value is good deeds and bright memories.

This thought is so easy, although most of you are unable to understand it.

You are collecting stuff that prevent you from being free. You fill your home with unnecessary shit and then you can’t leave it. You are freezing to lifeless THINGS.

You waste tons of money on clothes, which don’t make you happy, trying to impress people, instead of booking a flight to a place you’ve never been to, a place where you’ll receive new emotions, a place where you’ll feel happy and free.

Spend your time and money on something you really love, on deeds that make you a better person. Travel, educate yourself, work out. Life is short, so spend this life in a beautiful and healthy body.


And help other people. Everything is quite good with your life, as you can read this, as you live in the Western world, as you have Internet connection and a gadget to read this.

And why do you prefer taking to giving? You are strong enough to help others, though you can’t feel your strength. You act as a small piece of the consumer society. A part of unnecessary stuff circulation. You are stuck in a vicious circle of consumerism. You are spending your life at an airless office space doing pointless work you don’t like to be able to buy junk you don’t need. You sacrifice your (quite short) life on buying a house and paying for it for the rest of your life. Then you need to fill this house with objects (“so my neighbors don’t think I’m a looser”). Then you need a new iPhone, a new purse, then a new car… And suddenly you wake up at 60 – stones in your kidneys, Alzheimer, climax, heart attack. Life passed by and you didn’t live it to the fullest.

Live, take any chance to spread love and grasp new emotions. Everything else is fake.

7 thoughts on “Are you happy?”

  1. You have a very unique way of expressing yourself. You have some stubborness in you and I am trying to figure it out but you’re by far one of the most interesting “expressionists”. This world lacks personalities. You have one. People are products. You’re not. I do share a good percentage of that style of expression and quite a big slice of your identified stubborness but above all, I’d like to mention my support to people like you. Great words, great mind, interesting point of view and potential for lots of wisdom that may arrive with age. Keep it up 😉


  2. Unfortunately not.I watch too much cable news.When i’m not working at a low paying job.I don’t even understand the movie’s that come out of hollywood.Instead i watch DVD’s of 80s movies.


  3. I’m not very happy.I watch too much cable news.I work at a low paying job.I don’t even get hollywood movies any more.Instead i cloister myself in my room and watch 8os DVD.At least those were fun.The only thing i did in a month that made me feel good, was helping someone rent a car.They just had an accident.


  4. You just explained “Fight Club”. One of my favorite movies, because it (ironically) points out how we waste our lives on material possessions, instead of living life. Love your blog so far, keep up the great conversations.


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