Do you consider yourself a responsible adult? A conscious citizen? I bet most of people over 18 do. Then why are there so many Trump supporters?

You know what amuses me in them most of all? Not ignorance, not barbarism, not idealization of their demigod, but the fact that they believe him. They believe that he is trustworthy and strong; they believe that he proclaims freedom and the truth. That he stands for people’s rights.

This week Trump agreed to debate with Bernie, supporters of both sides were genuinely excited to watch this and me too. This could have been quite an entertaining event.

I understand why people support Trump, the country is tired of political correctness, liberals are trying to silent free speech. But. Do you really want to see this person, who declined to debate with a 70-year-old socialist, as your commander in chief? As a commander in chief of one of the most powerful countries in the world? The country with its own nuclear weapons.

This person in charge for nukes.


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Are you happy?

The only thing you should value is good deeds and bright memories.

This thought is so easy, although most of you are unable to understand it.

You are collecting stuff that prevent you from being free. You fill your home with unnecessary shit and then you can’t leave it. You are freezing to lifeless THINGS.

You waste tons of money on clothes, which don’t make you happy, trying to impress people, instead of booking a flight to a place you’ve never been to, a place where you’ll receive new emotions, a place where you’ll feel happy and free.

Spend your time and money on something you really love, on deeds that make you a better person. Travel, educate yourself, work out. Life is short, so spend this life in a beautiful and healthy body.


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