Shithole Gate

Shithole-gate is still here.

More republicans who attended the meeting deny that Trump used the word: Sanders denied that Trump used that specific term, several senators and Trump aides have said they did not hear him use that word, even Lindsey Graham refused to confirm the info.

The one who says it happened is… mainstream media (yeah, I;m not surprised either). Washington Post claimed it basing the story on ‘anonymous source’, and nobody (except for WP) has ever heard of it.

What a world we live in!

Scientology and Harassment

Earlier this month, three women anonymously accused Haggis — a former Scientologist — of sexual misconduct. Two of the accusations included rape. Haggis has denied all allegations.

And now Scientology critic Mike Riner and Leah Remini call the allegations against Haggis “suspect” due to the director’s severed ties with the Church of Scientology.

Remini and Rinder also assert that Scientology collects data about its members during their time with the church and uses the information against them if they rebel.

“Only a Scientologist can understand the pressure one feels to offer up even the slightest thing that the Scientology organization might consider a transgression of THEIR mores,” read their letter. “This information is used against anyone who departs Scientology and dares speak their mind. This is not imaginary. There is a documented history of such things. When someone is a declared an ‘enemy’ by Scientology, they are fair game.”

Haggis left the church in 2009 after 35 years as a member. The director made an appearance on Remini’s Scientology series last year, where he openly discussed his departure from the church and made some crazy revelations.

And this is so 2k18: insane but powerful fanatics use trendy leftist liberal #MeToo tactics to defeat their enemy.

This is the world we live in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This Is Belonging

The British Army yesterday defied critics of its “politically correct” recruitment campaign and released a new set of television advertisements, including one that shows a Muslim soldier praying in front of his comrades.

Entitled ‘Keeping My Faith’, the advert shows a soldier kneeling in prayer by a mountain stream during a combat patrol. The other members of his squad sit waiting on the hillside and turn down a crackling radio so he is not disturbed.

The film, believed to be the first time that an army advertisement has featured a Muslim soldier praying, is part of a £1.6m television, radio and online campaign designed to boost plummeting recruitment numbers.

Meanwhile more British Muslims joined ISIS than the British Army.

The campaign is called ‘This is Belonging’ and it shows several emotional episodes, and they look like a joke. Emotion in the army will kill you and people around you. Army is supposed to project society not to be a social experiment.

Traitor for Senate!

Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate in Maryland.

Chelsea Manning is the former Army private convicted of disclosing classified information. She is a convicted criminal who leaked 700,000 government files.

Also, Chelsea hates police:


Oh, and she’s running as Democrat. A traitor who was put in jail then cut off genitals got out of prison early is running for office. If this is not the best description for the modern Democratic party, I don’t know what is.

Will the same people who call Trump a traitor for working with foreign governments vote for the biggest leaker in the US history? We’ll see…

More Twitter dictatorship


Project Veritas held a new undercover video investigation filming current and former Twitter employees explaining Twitter political censorship and this is insane!

(I’m not surprised in fact, but it’s always good to find proofs)

Thank you, Project Veritas for this work!

I’m not going to comment on that, the insanity and authoritarianism of the Twitter’s admin is nicely described by its employees.


Men should be free to hit on women

100 Frenchwomen in entertainment (including Catherine Deneuve), publishing and academic fields signed an outstanding open letter against #MeToo movement, in which women and men have used social media as a forum to describe sexual misconduct and have gone too far by publicly prosecuting private experiences and have created a totalitarian climate.

Here’s the full text originally published in Le Monde:

Rape is a crime. But trying to pick up someone, however persistently or clumsily, is not — nor is gallantry an attack of machismo.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal sparked a legitimate awakening about the sexual violence that women are subjected to, particularly in their professional lives, where some men abuse their power. This was necessary. But what was supposed to liberate voices has now been turned on its head: We are being told what is proper to say and what we must stay silent about — and the women who refuse to fall into line are considered traitors, accomplices!

Just like in the good old witch-hunt days, what we are once again witnessing here is puritanism in the name of a so-called greater good, claiming to promote the liberation and protection of women, only to enslave them to a status of eternal victim and reduce them to defenseless preys of male chauvinist demons.

Ratting out and calling out

In fact, #MeToo has led to a campaign, in the press and on social media, of public accusations and indictments against individuals who, without being given a chance to respond or defend themselves, are put in the exact same category as sex offenders. This summary justice has already had its victims: men who’ve been disciplined in the workplace, forced to resign, and so on., when their only crime was to touch a woman’s knee, try to steal a kiss, talk about “intimate” things during a work meal, or send sexually-charged messages to women who did not return their interest.

This frenzy for sending the “pigs” to the slaughterhouse, far from helping women empower themselves, actually serves the interests of the enemies of sexual freedom, the religious extremists, the reactionaries and those who believe — in their righteousness and the Victorian moral outlook that goes with it — that women are a species “apart,” children with adult faces who demand to be protected.

Men, for their part, are called on to embrace their guilt and rack their brains for “inappropriate behavior” that they engaged in 10, 20 or 30 years earlier, and for which they must now repent. These public confessions, and the foray into the private sphere or self-proclaimed prosecutors, have led to a climate of totalitarian society.

The purging wave seems to know no bounds. The poster of an Egon Schiele nude is censored; calls are made for the removal of a Balthus painting from a museum on grounds that it’s an apology for pedophilia; unable to distinguish between the man and his work, Cinémathèque Française is told not to hold a Roman Polanski retrospective and another for Jean-Claude Brisseau is blocked. A university judges the film Blow-Up, by Michelangelo Antonioni, to be “misogynist” and “unacceptable.” In light of this revisionism, even John Ford (The Searchers) and Nicolas Poussin (The Abduction of the Sabine Women) are at risk.

Already, editors are asking some of us to make our masculine characters less “sexist” and more restrained in how they talk about sexuality and love, or to make it so that the “traumas experienced by female characters” be more evident! Bordering on ridiculous, in Sweden a bill was presented that calls for explicit consent before any sexual relations! Next we’ll have a smartphone app that adults who want to sleep together will have to use to check precisely which sex acts the other does or does not accept.

The essential freedom to offend

Philosopher Ruwen Ogien defended the freedom to offend as essential to artistic creation. In the same way, we defend a freedom to bother as indispensable to sexual freedom.

Today we are educated enough to understand that sexual impulses are, by nature, offensive and primitive — but we are also able to tell the difference between an awkward attempt to pick someone up and what constitutes a sexual assault.

Above all, we are aware that the human being is not a monolith: A woman can, in the same day, lead a professional team and enjoy being a man’s sexual object, without being a “whore” or a vile accomplice of the patriarchy. She can make sure that her wages are equal to a man’s but not feel forever traumatized by a man who rubs himself against her in the subway, even if that is regarded as an offense. She can even consider this act as the expression of a great sexual

As women, we don’t recognize ourselves in this feminism that, beyond the denunciation of abuses of power, takes the face of a hatred of men and sexuality. We believe that the freedom to say “no” to a sexual proposition cannot exist without the freedom to bother. And we consider that one must know how to respond to this freedom to bother in ways other than by closing ourselves off in the role of the prey.

For those of us who decided to have children, we think that it is wiser to raise our daughters in a way that they may be sufficiently informed and aware to fully live their lives without being intimidated or blamed.

Incidents that can affect a woman’s body do not necessarily affect her dignity and must not, as difficult as they can be, necessarily make her a perpetual victim. Because we are not reducible to our bodies. Our inner freedom is inviolable. And this freedom that we cherish is not without risks and responsibilities.

I want to thank every amazing woman who signed this letter for keeping a part of the great beautiful and magnificent world of love. Thank you for being strong, courageous and independent!